Pilot of a combat helicopter told about "free hunting" for Syrian militants

Russian attack helicopters have proved extremely effective in Syria.

Major Eugene Seylev, who is the commander of the aviation unit, said that the method of "free hunting" for Syrian militants proved to be extremely effective, allowing to derail many of the radicals' plans.

According to Seylev, most of the sorties had to be carried out at night, which is primarily due to the growing activity of the militants, who often intended to launch a counter-offensive against government forces and the seizure of settlements, but this fact did not seriously affect the effectiveness of Russian combat helicopters, as they perfectly adapted to work in both day and night conditions.

"The night vision system works very efficiently. For example, with Mi-28 you can see a car at a distance of 15 kilometers, with Mi-35 - six - seven kilometers. Thermal imagers, special glasses - all this is used to detect targets in the dark and gives good results », - said Yevgeny Seylev.

In fact, Russian helicopters were able to prove their extreme efficiency during the time of special operations in the territory of the Arab Republic, as a result, interest in these combat vehicles has grown significantly.

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