Poland decided to challenge Russia with American complexes "HIMARS"

Poland will spend 665 million dollars for the purchase of American missile systems "HIMARS".

This morning it became known that the Polish authorities decided to acquire a large batch of American missile systems HIMARS. We are talking about 20 rocket artillery complexes, the total cost of which is about 665 million dollars. The key factor in this, however, is the fact that the American complexes located in Poland will threaten Kaliningrad.

According to the data presented, Poland intends to locate the HIMARS missile systems near the border of the Russian Federation, and taking into account the range of these systems, almost the entire territory of the Kaliningrad region is under attack, which causes serious concern among specialists.

Analysts do not rule out that the deployment of the American HIMARS missile systems in Poland may be due to Russia's deployment of the Iskander OTRK on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, while Poland had officially refused to deploy American cruise missiles in the country, noting that this could lead to serious retaliatory measures by Russia.

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