Regular flights from Moscow to Chita on "Aeroflot".


Regular flights from Moscow to Chita on "Aeroflot".

October 27 own regular flights in the direction of Moscow-Chita-Moscow begins Aeroflot. Flights will be operated from Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport four times a week.


  • Flight Moscow ( "Sheremetyevo") - 22.25 hours (MSK), the arrival of Chita -. 10.30 hours.
  • Flight Chita - 11.55 hours, the arrival of Moscow ( "Sheremetyevo") -. 12.45 hours (MSK)..

Will be used planes Airbus-A320 and Boeing 737-800NG.

Aeroflot Boeing consists of business class 20 seats and economy class 138. Aircraft come from the manufacturer.

The key to success in the strategy of "Aeroflot" is the expansion of the route network and improve the quality of services.