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Russian military aviation is on alert

Three regiments of air transport aviation were raised on alarm.

This afternoon, the portal was informed that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation raised three regiments of air transport aviation in alarm. This is due to large-scale military exercises that take place on the territory of five regions of the Russian Federation.

“Crews of three aviation regiments from the Orenburg, Pskov and Rostov regions began to redeploy aircraft to operational airfields near Ivanovo and Ulyanovsk”, - said in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In large-scale maneuvers, Il-76MD transport planes are involved, the crews of which are not only to follow the set routes to new bases, but also to ensure the transfer of military equipment, cargo and personnel of the Airborne Forces, including with the landing.

It is known that the commander of military transport aviation of the Russian Air Force Vladimir Benediktov is in charge of large-scale military maneuvers, however, what has become so unexpected, so far unexpected, has not been reported.

* Il-76MD is a Soviet and Russian heavy military transport aircraft developed at Ilyushin Design Bureau under the project and under the guidance of Academician G. V. Novozhilov.

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