Russian fighters intercepted Ukrainian military aircraft off the coast of Crimea

Approached to the borders of the Crimea Ukrainian aircraft was intercepted by the Russian Air Force.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Naval Forces report that 21 September 2018, the Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-26 was intercepted by Russian Su-27 fighters in the airspace over the Black Sea, creating unsafe conditions for the flight.

According to the Ukrainian Navy, the An-26 military transport aircraft made a planned mission and was in neutral airspace, showing no aggression, but the Russian Su-27 fighter approached the Ukrainian aircraft at an extremely close distance, which caused the emergency situation .

There is no concrete instruction from the Ukrainian Navy to the fact that the Ukrainian military transport aircraft was intercepted, but the Ukrainian media immediately received information that "... by such interception, a Russian combat aircraft caused a gross violation and created an extremely dangerous situation ...".

There have been no official statements on this score by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at the current hour, nor has the Ukrainian side provided any evidence that such a violation from the Russian military space station did take place.