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Russian military fired on Kurds attacking military patrol in northern Syria

The Russian military had to open fire on Kurds attacking a military convoy in northern Syria.

Another attack by Kurdish military units on a convoy of Russian military in northern Syria forced Russian troops to resort to the use of firearms. The incident was captured on video.

It is known that the Kurdish armed groups, using Molotov cocktails, tried, tried to burn the Russian armored car, which is presented on the corresponding video frames.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of sound in the video, experts drew attention to the Russian soldier with a machine gun in his hands, and the billowing dust from the shots (12-second second video - approx.ed.), Which, obviously, had to be scared away by the attackers.

Given the proximity of one of the attackers to the Russian military, it is clear that the fire was warning, although given that the Russian military was completely officially involved in patrolling the area, such an attack could have been determined completely differently, however, experts say, this is obviously about artificially created provocation.

and what. our fire-fighting system is no longer working. where are all the actions of the serviceman spelled out ???? To water. reptiles !!!!

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How do we support Turkey’s policy on Kurdish issues ?? The Turks pulled these Kurds for three days, we managed to agree not to touch the Kurds if they clear the patrol corridor. these Kurds would be plucked as sticky and skin removed. they are more offended that the Pindos threw them at the right time. and they are just trying to score pride points on us with their antics

What is the “reaction of the locals”? ) Pouring two dozen bottles of gasoline, and gathering a crowd on the road - it's not 10 minutes ..) It is clear that the provocation prepares = lasa in advance.

Why weren't the attackers killed? It is necessary to burn one hundred of our troops, so that someone "from above" allowed to open fire to defeat? Is the lion afraid to show the jackals teeth? Tomorrow they will start firing at the cars, and again ours will conduct a "warning return fire"?
Reminds pre-war months before the Great Patriotic War: "Do not give in to provocations!"

With all due respect .. Of course, we weren’t especially called there, but if you consider it possible to threaten the life of the military contingent from any country, you must be prepared to get a bullet in the forehead, or to be "poisoned" by tear gas! It is clear in this situation - this is a paid provocation, with shooting on camera to put in the media - these are the monsters of the Russian military. But with this we must somehow FIGHT! For example, when approaching, you can neutralize the CAMERA together with the operator, and then clean it carefully ... all this corrupt shushara black-digging will scatter so quickly that the dust does not have time to settle. And in a gallop will rush in line for humanitarian aid, again from the Russian military. Recently I watched a video about how hyenas in Africa attack buffaloes ... It seems that until they pay attention to them, they jump in a crowd, squeak something, bite. And as soon as they are rebuffed, they piss themselves under their feet in fear! And they are ready to gobble up their wounded tribesmen.

I did not see any Kurdish military forces here. The video is little understood. Where are they, where are they going. If they pushed to the Kurds or rode through their territory, of course, there will be a reaction from the locals. Moreover, we support the policy of Turkey. So Russia is the same enemy for them. Local will go out and attack the columns.

Again, the Russians were overthrown. The Americans would have buried all this shushara in six seconds.

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The video is old. The Kurds have officially apologized to the Russian military for this attack. Before the Turks did not.

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There was no use of weapons there. A shot was taken for provocation. This information was already on other sites.

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