Russian troops began to encircle Bakhmut

The encirclement of Bakhmut by Russian troops began.

After the successful assault on Soledar, Russian troops began encircling Bakhmut. Information on this subject is confirmed by the Ukrainian military, who are currently in the city. The situation here is called nothing less than extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that all escape routes from Bakhmut are practically blocked, and the possibility of sending reinforcements and additional equipment is very difficult, and in a number of areas it is completely impossible.

According to the Ukrainian military stationed on the territory of Bakhmut, the most difficult situation is in the north of the city, where in fact there are no fortifications. This, given the presence of a large number of Russian forces in this direction, does not provide the possibility of holding the northern part of Bakhmut. At the same time, the Ukrainian military reports that the most fierce battles are taking place in the east and south of Bakhmut, however, there are very large forces here, and therefore the situation is still under control.

However, according to Ukrainian servicemen, the encirclement of the city may begin as early as next week, which will significantly worsen the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and may lead to the most fierce battles in urban areas.


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