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The Russian frigate did not let the American landing ship to the borders of Iran

The American landing ship had to interrupt the campaign to the borders of Iran.

Decisively heading for Iran’s borders, the USS Bataan, an American landing ship, was forced to stop its campaign in the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Initially, anchoring in this area caused a lot of questions, especially since the ship itself left the port only a few days ago, however. As it turned out, the reason for everything was the appearance of the Russian frigate Yaroslav the Wise in the Gulf of Aden, heading towards the Mediterranean seas.

According to data provided by a number of sources, at the moment, a group of Russian warships, led by the frigate Yaroslav the Wise, which has anti-ship missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine installations, artillery and electronic warfare systems, is heading towards the Mediterranean Sea. According to a number of assumptions, it was precisely the powerful electronic warfare equipment available to the Russian warship that scared the US Navy command very seriously, and therefore it was decided to hide the USS Bataan landing ship in Aqaba Bay.

Earlier, the US Navy command announced the sending of the USS Bataan landing ship to the Persian Gulf, which is likely due to the conflict between Washington and Tehran.

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