Ryanair Airline


The plane "Ryanair", because of an aggressive couple, urgently boarded in Alicante

With the flight of the airline "Ryanair" they removed a drunken married couple.

On the eve of the day, when the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair made a flight from Alicante to Dublin, the married couple aboard the passenger aircraft began to behave inappropriately. It is reported that initially there was a skirmish between a man and a woman, and the attempt of other passengers to intervene only exacerbated the conflict, which has now spread to other people aboard.

The press service of the Irish air operator reports that the couple was acting very aggressively, and did not react to the comments of the crew members, so the aircraft commander decided to return to Alicante.

After performing a forced landing in Spain, the police had to board the passenger aircraft, because the violent passengers refused to voluntarily leave the aircraft, while later it turned out that both the man and the woman were intoxicated.