Russian Air Force Fighter


Planes videoconferencing in Syria made a 4 thousand sorties

For 2,5 month, Russian combat planes in Syria made more than four thousand sorties to attack the rebels "Islamic state."

Russian military aircraft during the military operation in the territory of Syria against the militants of the Islamic State group carried out an 4201 sortie, inflicting enormous losses on armed Islamists, forcing them to leave their former positions, thus liberating the Syrian cities. According to the news agency, 145 combat missions were carried out by the strategic aviation of the Russian Federation, while the planes were able to demonstrate not only their real combat potential, but in fact, for the first time to take part in hostilities since its inception.

The effectiveness of Russian combat aviation has already been evaluated by many international experts, since, in comparison with US aviation, Russian military experts understand the situation much better, and can objectively evaluate forces and solve set tasks.

What are they bombing interesting? For such a number of sorties, all Syria could be razed to the ground.


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