Six versions of the Su-57 fighter ceased to exist

The Russian Su-57 may remain in a single version.

A few years ago, the Russian aircraft manufacturers had serious plans to develop at least five additional versions of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, except for the main one, however, the refusal of India, and later South Korea and Iran from these aircraft, questioned the fact that this combat aircraft will get additional versions.

To date, the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 has only prospects for deliveries to the ranks of the Russian Aerospace Forces, although not only the above-mentioned countries showed interest in these aircraft, but also Turkey, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Experts do not exclude that the statements made in India and the PRC, where Russian combat aircraft criticized roughly, blamed everything, saying that according to their characteristics they cannot even be attributed to fifth-generation fighters. In addition, there is an assumption that the cost of these warplanes, in particular, according to information periodically appearing in the media, is to blame, the price for one Su-57 fighter may vary within 110-140 million dollars, which far exceeds the cost the same American F-35.

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