Fire extinguishing system equipped boat C-27J Spartan.


Fire extinguishing system equipped boat C-27J Spartan.

10 December 2013. The company Alenia Aermacchi (Italy) was engaged in equipping the "Guardian" fire-extinguishing system of one of the seven C-27J Spartan aircraft of the Air Force of Romania. The first successful tests of the aircraft with the new system have already taken place in the Romanian mountains.

The plane was installed 6 containers, which are made of solid cardboard. Each contains about 1000 liters of liquid. The system was developed by the Italian company for the possibility of extinguishing fires.

It is also possible to drop containers from a ship at an altitude of 460 meters, this allows you to extinguish fires with a large burning area or at night.

As a result of the renewal of transport workers, the country will become a leader in the use of such technologies.