Light aircraft


Deadly selfie: Mexicans died trying to make a photo on the background of a sitting down airplane

Two Mexican citizens died trying to take a selfie with a landing plane.

According to Mexican media, two citizens of Mexico, 17 and 18 years, arrived in the city of Chenapas, where they decided to take a photo against the background of the landing plane. Not realizing the dangers of what had been started, the girls got up right on the runway, as a result of which the aircraft killed them.

It is reported that the light-engine aircraft literally moved two girls, and according to the pilot, he simply could not do anything, because the girls jumped out onto the runway right at the moment of the completion of the landing.

Despite the prompt arrival of the medical team, lovers of selfies failed to save their lives - severe injuries, injuries and numerous fractures left no chance for girls to rescue.

It should be clarified that such an incident is far from the only one, since during the period from 2011 to 2017, 259 deaths were recorded with people who tried to take a selfie on the background of a landing or take-off aircraft, while the statistics show that from year to year the number of deaths only increases.