The United States wants to provide Ukraine with a new batch of ATACMS missiles and $61 billion

The website of the US House of Representatives published the text of a bill on military assistance to Ukraine, which includes a clause on the provision of ATACMS missiles to Kyiv. The bill provides for the allocation of $61 billion, of which $23 billion will be used to replenish US arsenals.

According to the document, assistance to Ukraine will be provided on a credit basis. In addition, the bill specifies the confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation to cover these expenses, which emphasizes Washington’s desire to use all available economic instruments to support Ukraine.

To ensure a strategic approach to providing assistance, the State Department and the Pentagon are required to submit a specific strategy to support Ukraine within 45 days of the bill's passage.

The US President will have the authority to write off up to 50% of Ukraine's debt for assistance provided, but this will be possible no earlier than November 15, 2024, which provides for additional conditions and time frames for financial support.

Voting on the bill is scheduled for April 20, immediately after a meeting of NATO countries on the situation in Ukraine.


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