Sixth Generation Fighters


USA: Russia Helps China Build 6 Generation Fighter

The American media accuse Russia of helping China in the military aircraft industry.

According to the American media, in recent years, China has made a significant breakthrough in the military aircraft industry, which clearly contributed to the efforts of Russian scientists, who were unclaimed in Russia, went to China. The appearance in the arsenal of the PRC initially fighter of the fifth generation Chengdu J-20, and subsequently presentation of an unmanned fighter "Dark Sword" ("The Dark Sword"), which may well be ranked among the military aircraft of the sixth generation, the United States Department of Defense is very worried (Pentagon - approx. Ed.), in connection with which it is possible that significant progress in this direction was achieved by the influence of Russian scientists.

Moreover, the American media claim that after considerable progress in creating the newest Chinese fighters, he himself the President of the Russian Federation addressed scientists and aircraft designers working in China with a request to return to their homeland, most likely, with a view to working for the Russian defense-industrial complex.

It should be clarified that earlier analysts did talk about the leak of qualified personnel to China, where scientists and specialists were offered more favorable conditions for work, modern equipment and high wages, but experts believe that this does not mean that it was Russian specialists who helped China create modern means of combat aviation, in particular, it is a question of both the fifth-generation fighter Chengdu J-20, and the unmanned fighter "The Dark Sword".

"There were really leaks of qualified personnel, however, when developing modern aircraft, one can not use the knowledge of 2-3 people and achieve a grand breakthrough. American journalists only found another reason to make a scandal, and at the same time did not bring any facts to their advantage. Moreover, it is completely incomprehensible that here Russia, when it comes to individual citizens ", - said the analyst