Aircraft IL-112V


It became known about the first flight of the newest IL-112В

In late March - early April, the new IL-112B will go on its first flight

Information agency "TASS", referring to a source in the military-industrial complex, reports that in March - early April, the military transport aircraft IL-112В will go on the first flight. It was planned that it will take place in January, but there were difficulties with the rotors of the engines. Now these problems are solved.

Another source, the Voronezh Aircraft Company, informs that the preparation for the first flight of the new aircraft is carried out seven days a week and literally around the clock. Experts check all systems, run engines, run high-speed runs of the car on the runway.

In the first flight of the IL-112V will go together with the aircraft An-26. The task of the latter is to follow the parallel course to reconcile the work of the various systems of the new aircraft.

IL-112V will replace the An-26 and An-24 aircraft used in military transport aviation. The resource of these machines in the near future will be completely exhausted.

The aircraft will transport military personnel, military equipment, various types of weapons and other goods. The aircraft is capable of transporting cargo weighing 5 tons. The range of its flight is 5 thousands of kilometers. A special advantage - IL-112В can land and take off from unpaved runways. Preliminary application of the Russian Ministry of Defense - 62 new aircraft.

I remember that at first the first flight was planned on 2006 year (!). Already 12 years promise. Let's see what's up with the next announcement. Good luck