Trump and Bolton


Trump and Bolton agreed on the deployment of American missiles in Earth orbit

Trump and Bolton decided to place rocket weapons in space.

This afternoon, during a visit to the Pentagon (US Department of Defense), US President Donald Trump and US National Security Advisor to the US President John Bolton stated that the development strategy of anti-missile defense systems forces Washington to deploy its missile defense systems on orbit the planet.

According to Washington, this will give a serious advantage and guarantee security against the background of Russia's violation of the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small Range Missiles (DSRMD), as well as the appearance of hypersonic weapons from Russia and China, which can only be intercepted from the planet’s orbit.

Neither the President of the United States nor his adviser dubbed any details, but analysts believe that the official statement makes it possible to judge that Washington has already developed the concept and, to a large extent, implemented it.

It should be clarified that the Kremlin has not yet commented on Trump's statement, but apparently against the background of the militarization of outer space, Russia will have to take serious steps, including the work of blocking the operation of any space satellites by its electronic suppression means.