Turkish military fired at least 15 anti-aircraft missiles on Russian planes

The Turkish military fired at least 15 missiles on Russian planes.

According to Turkish information sources, amid the ongoing Russian military operation against terrorists in Idlib, as well as attacks on the Turkish military, the Turkish army fired at least 15 anti-aircraft guided missiles on Russian military aircraft.

“15 simultaneous shots from MANPADS and drone attacks directly threaten the composition of the Khmeimim base, Russia's key military facility in Syria. MANPADS damaged jet aircraft of the Russian Air Force during emergency maneuvers, - social networks report.

There are no official comments from Russia regarding the appearance of such information, however, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey did report that the Turkish military uses air defense means against airplanes and helicopters that pose a threat.

Experts note that at the moment Turkey literally walks around the edge, trying to bring down Russian planes, because if the Russian military dies due to Turkey’s actions, Ankara will face very severe measures of influence, including attacks on the positions of Turkish troops located on territory of Syria.

It is noteworthy that at the moment Turkey is actively launching missile strikes on the territory of Syria, however, their air defense means do not reflect them, and therefore there are quite serious losses in the ranks of the Syrian army.

Yeah, the same harsh measures as for our downed aircraft in 2015. Tourists and tomatoes))


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