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In the aircraft AN-24 when landing in Yakutsk snapped chassis

When landing in Yakutsk, from aircraft airline "Yakutia" snapped chassis.

On board the aircraft AN-24 31 people was, however, as a result of the incident none of them was hurt. As the information resource Avia.pro, passenger flight under the number 464 followed to Yakutsk from Suntar, and during landing was discovered a technical problem, the circumstances of the manifestations of which are currently being investigated by experts.

According to some reports, during the inspection of the aircraft, it was found that the aircraft received substantial damage to the pneumatic system of one of the landing gear, which in turn requires some repairs.

Specialists did not rule out that the reasons for the emergence of the ES could not be provided by the high-quality servicing of the aircraft, but no official statements were made on this matter.

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