Avangard Complex


Do the scandal with strategic weapons and the case of treason with Avangard have the same roots?

Experts have found a common ground in the case of treason with Avangard and a corruption investigation around Tactical Missile Weapons.

Against the background of of the corruption investigation conducted by journalists of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper around the Russian corporation Tactical Missile Weapons, experts have identified a number of logical chains, leading to the previously started treason investigation also related to Russian hypersonic armamentIn particular, they talked about the avant-garde hypersonic complexes.

As far as the corruption investigation of the journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” is in line with the real facts, it remains unknown, but analysts said that previously Russian hypersonic armament was already at the center of a scandal. We are talking about a case of high treason, in particular, one of the researchers, allegedly gave foreign agents information about the Russian avant-garde hypersonic complexes. What information we are talking about is still unknown, but according to the unofficial version, it was a question of the failure of a series of tests of the Russian Avangard complexes, which, incidentally, coincides with the recent information that the Avangards tests really having problems as well Director of Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation, and said that the company did not have enough money to manufacture such weapons, accusing it, mainly, of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of unwillingness to work with the provision of an advance.

It should be clarified that the journalists of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta managed to establish that the majority of purchases made by Tactical Missiles Corporation were carried out through a private company providing wedding decoration services.