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Ukraine did not want to take sanctions against Russian airlines

Russia and Ukraine failed to reach agreement on air communication.

According to the materials available to the news agency’s editorial office, despite attempts to hold negotiations, Kiev refused to lift sanctions against Russian air carriers, thereby becoming the initiator of the termination of air traffic between the two countries. Until yesterday, independent experts believed that Ukraine would still stop using its “black list” against Russian airlines, however, this did not happen, and therefore, from midnight on October 25, air traffic between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will be officially interrupted - according to experts, at least until the end of this year.

It is necessary to clarify that in the first place taken by Ukraine the measures will affect the airlines in this country, however, experts do not exclude that along with this, the Ukrainian air carriers as well as Russian flights shedule, increase the frequency of flights to Minsk, thus effectively replacing direct flights, flights with additional transfers.

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