Airline Dniproavia


Ukrainian airline Dniproavia organized direct flights from Dnepropetrovsk to Moscow

The Ukrainian air carrier "Dniproavia"Resumed direct flights between Dnepropetrovsk and Moscow.

The first passenger flight on the route Dnepropetrovsk - Moscow was made on August 3, while the airline management informs the information portal that the aircraft loading was at least 92%, which in turn emphasizes the high demand for the new route.

Experts do not exclude that the gradual development of route routes between Russian and Ukrainian cities will enhance the role of civilian air transportation in both countries, while the additional passenger traffic, and, consequently, additional profit, will clearly allow air carriers to develop efficient operations.

It should be clarified that after the coup d'état in Ukraine, the number of flights between the cities of Russia and Ukraine was reduced to a minimum, which naturally leads to declining activity of the air operators of both countries, and also creates a lot of inconvenience for passengers.

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