Collision of planes


Two airliners collided at Istanbul airport

In Istanbul, at the Ataturk International Airport, two passenger planes collided. Moments of the incident are recorded on video and posted by the portal "Kokpitaero" on their channel in "YouTube".

Looking at the video, we can state that during the taxiing the passenger plane A330 belonging to the South Korean company "Asiana" touched the wing of A321 of the local operator "Turkish Airlines". None of the people were hurt, but the tail of the liner, which took the blow, was almost completely torn off.

In April, a blogger from the United States arranged a live broadcast of the stream directly from the side of the aircraft in distress. On the shots it was evident how he was sitting by the window with an emergency oxygen mask on his face. The blogger accompanied the video stream with comments: "Something is wrong with the plane", "The plane is losing height", "I do not know what to do", "We are preparing for an emergency landing", "The window is knocked out."