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In India, emergency landing aircraft due to reports of a bomb

At the airport, the Indian city of Nagpur has made an emergency landing passenger airliner.

According to official information provided by Madhya Pradesh state police, the reason for the forced landing of an aircraft with passengers on board was the incoming anonymous message about a bomb on board an aircraft. Landing took place in the normal mode, and after the evacuation of all people, on board the airliner climbed the specialists, who began to survey the aircraft is not the subject of the presence of explosives.

The audit revealed that no suspicious objects and explosives on board the aircraft is not, in connection with which the message was reclassified into the category of false. At the same time, police are trying to identify reported the bomb on board, and, if his guilt is proved, by the Indian laws, the person responsible for the false report can be charged with a criminal responsibility.

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