In Konstantinovka, a strike was carried out on the temporary deployment point of the 5th separate assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the evening, around 22:00 pm, Russian troops attacked the temporary deployment point of Ukrainian military personnel, organized in the building of Konstantinovsky secondary school No. 17. As a result of a targeted strike using high-explosive aerial bombs (FAB), the object was partially destroyed.

According to preliminary data, 30 to 40 enemy soldiers were killed or injured as a result of the attack. It is not yet possible to clarify the exact number of victims, since at least 20 personnel are believed to be under the rubble. This information is provided by Donbass Partisan.

At the time of the attack, soldiers of the 5th separate assault brigade (military unit A4010), formed in 2023, were located in the school building. It is noted that this unit is armed primarily with Western weapons and is actively involved in hostilities in the Chasovyar direction.


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