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In the Kurgan region, the water in the Tobol River rose to 10 meters and the dam began to leak

In the Kurgan region, emergency work continues to repair a leak on a dam in the Maloye Chausovo microdistrict, not far from the local airport. Construction equipment is at the scene, including several trucks, which are filling up a leak near the bridge.

This part of the dam, built in 2014, has recently experienced increased hydraulic load due to a sharp rise in water levels and melting of the lower layers of the soil. Regional Governor Vadim Shumkov emphasized that this led to the appearance of leaks and detachments, which necessitated the need for urgent intervention.

The Kurgan city administration previously reported a significant increase in the water level in the Tobol River, which rose by 30 centimeters on Thursday morning alone, reaching 1000 centimeters. This situation threatens to flood not only Maly Chausovo, but also the neighboring microdistricts of Vostochny and Voronovka, where residents have already been advised to evacuate.

According to the latest data, 62 settlements in the region may be at risk, including about 4300 residential buildings, 5550 household plots and 600 summer cottages. In total, the lives and property of approximately 18 people are at risk. Due to the threat of flooding in the region, a regional emergency has been declared.


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