Airline Southwest Airlines


The plane of the airline "Southwest Airlines" was a fire

On board the plane of the American airline there was a fire.

The passenger airliner of the American carrier, Southwest Airlines, was preparing to fly from Los Angeles to San Jose, however, shortly before the flight, a fire broke out on board the aircraft. As a result of the incident, all the people on board the aircraft, and according to preliminary data there are five crew members and 139 passengers, were evacuated urgently, however, according to the press service of the air operator, as a result of the incident, at least three people were injured, who got off with light injuries as a result of the crush.

At the moment, it is known that the fire on board a passenger airliner American carrier "Southwest Airlines" was due to a short circuit in the backup power supply.

The current state of the aircraft remains unknown, however, representatives of the airport of Los Angeles said that the fire was quickly eliminated and did not cause significant damage to the aircraft, although the flight to San Jose had to be canceled.

What caused the short circuit, and why the protection did not work, remains unknown for the time being.