Hungary decided to sell the MiG-29 at the price of scrap metal

Hungary sells all MiG-29 fighters for the price of scrap metal

As reported by Interfax, referring to the British edition, the Hungarian Defense Ministry has withdrawn Soviet and Russian MiG-29 fighters from combat, and has now put them on sale.

Total sold nineteen cars. At the same time, some of them are disassembled, parts need major repairs. Twenty engines, as well as 239 units of various weapons and other property, are also on sale.

All aircraft are sold as one lot. That is, the buyer can get a whole wing. As the initial value of the lot is indicated an amount of only ten million dollars. Considering that, as experts comment, only one MiG-29 costs 25 millions of dollars on average, aircraft, along with engines and others, are sold at the price of scrap metal.

Probably, with the sale of aircraft from the Hungarian side may have some difficulties. The fact is that any deal with these fighters requires the approval of the Russian authorities.

So this is scrap! The last moments in the beginning of 90's are made! The lifetime of their 20-25 years. And here already thirty. That's all, the migs won back. 30-summer machines even modernize it makes little sense. Easier to buy new ones.