Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing in Chukotka

The helicopter Mi-8 made an emergency landing in Chukotka.

Today afternoon, on the territory of Nutapelmen airfield, the Mi-8 helicopter, which performed a flight flight on the route Egvekinot - Vankarem - Nutapelmen, made an emergency landing. The emergency landing of the aircraft was caused by a strong gust of wind, which nearly overturned the helicopter, but thanks to the professionalism of the crew, the aircraft was still able to land.

Avia.pro has information that there were 8 people aboard the Mi-14 helicopter, including 3 crew members and 11 passengers, while none of them was injured.

It is reported that the helicopter fell ten meters from the runway, but the information on the damage received by them, so far, has not been officially commented on.

The work of the airfield of Nutapelmen village is broken, at the moment remains unknown.