VKS Russia


VCS of Russia, for two months, inflicted about 6 thousand blows on the IGIL

The air and space forces of Russia inflicted for almost two months almost 6 thousand air strikes on positions of the "Islamic state".

Thanks to the support of Russian military security services, the territory of Syria is able to free itself from the influence of the terrorist group "Islamic State", whose activities are officially banned in Russia. Over the past two months, the Russian military security services have inflicted more than 5,8 thousand hits on militant positions, while the militants have suffered great losses, and although the Syrian territory could not be completely liberated, experts believe that, due to heavy losses, the leaders of the group "Islamic state "Still surrender.

Serious complications for the actions of Russian military security services are represented by US troops, because of the uncoordinated operations of which, it is difficult to plan the next strikes.