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PriorityPass cardholders will serve at the Irkutsk airport

Irkutsk airport will begin to serve owners PriorityPass cards.

According to official information from the 1 December this year, the airport of Irkutsk PriorityPass joins the program, which in turn allows us to provide more comprehensive and high-quality Services of VIP-members.

At the moment, the international program unites more than 850 PriorityPass airports, and adherence to the program of the Irkutsk airport in some way affect his status, which in turn can attract not only more investment but also airlines and passengers.

To use all the features of the program PriorityPass, the owner of the card should only be carried out check in, and then turn to the agents of VIP-groups have in the business area of ​​the airport.

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