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Aircraft Cessna 172
Alabama wrecked light-engine aircraft
Airbus Company
"Airbus" company managed to bypass "Boeing" by the number of orders received
Qatar Air Force Fighter
The air force of Qatar forcefully planted a passenger airliner carrier from the UAE
Percussion drone Boeing
Boeing introduced the concept of a shock hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle
Athens Airport
Strike of Greek air traffic controllers seriously violated air communication on the territory of the country
Landing at the airport
Dubai Airport, due to dense fog, can not accept flights
The organization of air communication between Russia and Egypt is still in question
Aeroflot cabin
Xenia Borodina's husband complained about Aeroflot service
Airplane from paper
The American collected from the paper a fantastic passenger liner Boeing 777
Bomber B-2 Spirit
The US Air Force did not pass the "rocket attack" test in Hawaii


Events in the world of aviation


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Events in the world of aviation

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