Sunken aircraft. A series of photos.

Sunken aircraft. A series of photos.

Sunken aircraft. A series of photos.

Sunken aircraft. Series foto.2
Sunken military aircraft at the bottom of the ocean will be a gold mine for those who like to uncover historical secrets.

Sunken aircraft. A series of photos.
Not far from the Greek island of Samos, the MiN 2000 fighter sank.

Sunken aircraft. Series foto.1

In a picturesque bay, at a depth of about 20 meters, a twin-engine Douglas DC-3 also known as C-47, C-53, R4D and “Dakota” stands on a flat sandy bottom.

Sunken aircraft. Series foto.4
1 July 2008, the old Turkish Air Force transport ship Douglas DC-47 was artificially flooded.

Sunken aircraft. Series foto.5
Another aircraft model Savoia Marchetti SM79, which was shot down during the war, is off the coast of Turkey.
The ship was shot down by anti-aircraft fire during a bombardment during World War II.

Sunken aircraft. Series foto.6
The Mirage 2000 fighter crashed near the Greek island of Samos. The pilots managed to eject, and the ship sank. The Greek authorities decided to investigate the cause of the accident and for this they took the vessel from the seabed.


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