The Fountains residential complex caught fire in Krasnodar, explosions occur in the building

A strong fire started in the building of the unfinished Fountains residential complex in Krasnodar, after which eyewitnesses heard several loud explosions. As people living in neighboring houses told, the probable cause of the explosions is gas cylinders detonating on the roof of the high-rise building. Now at the site of the fire a strange hissing sound can be heard, as if “an airplane is flying.”

In the footage, you can hear that the explosions were so powerful that parked car alarms went off, children were crying, and people were screaming and trying to run as far as possible from the blazing high-rise building. Fortunately, the residential complex did not have time to complete construction and move people in; it is not yet known whether any of the workers were in the house when the fire started.


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