2-th of the Archangel (Arkhangelsk Air Enterprise)
2-d JSC Arkhangelsk

2nd Arkhangelsk JSC (Arkhangelsk Air Enterprise). Official site. 


JSC «2-oh Arkhangelsk United Air" is one of the largest helicopter companies of the North-Western Federal District of Russia. Aviation company carries out the execution of commercial air transportation of passengers, mail and other goods, including the airline carries out execution of assembly and construction work, rescue and search operations, etc.



In March 2006, the helicopter squadron of shipments of relatives of passengers killed in the crash of the An-24, intended Naryan-Mar - Varandey. Passengers flying to the place of consecration of the church built in memory of the victims of the crash. The helicopter lost control, banked and collided with the ground. The investigation established that the cause of the accident was pilot error. As a result of the fall killed one passenger, 11 people received injuries of varying complexity.

In September 2014 of the year, the flight of Shoyna - Arkhangelsk, carried out by An-2, took off the runway during takeoff. The plane suffered, the hospitalization of the crew was not required. 

In December 2014, in the Nenets district crashed Mi-8TV AOAO enterprise. The aircraft operated by request of company "Bashneft" and delivered to the field workers Trebsa. After a safe landing and loading cargo at the site "Colva" helicopter engine failure after take-off. As a result, two people were killed.

Geography of flights performed by aircraft of the company is wide enough - air machines make departures throughout the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Komi, in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation and regional centers, as well as beyond it.



The flight crew of the 2nd Arkhangelsk United Air Squadron OJSC has high flight qualifications, and at present the enterprise's helicopter fleet is equipped with Mi-8MTV, Mi-8T, Mi-26T helicopters, as well as additional L-410 and An-2 aircraft, and its expansion is also planned in the near future.



  • Arkhangelsk Air Enterprise (second of Arkhangelsk).
  • Country Airlines - Russia;
  • Deals with local airlines in the Arkhangelsk region.



2-d JSC Arkhangelsk official site:  http://www.2aoao.ru


Airline 2-th of Arkhangelsk. Official site



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