Chisinau Airport
Chisinau Airport

Chisinau Airport (Chisinau International Airport). Official site.


Chisinau Airport is the main international airport of Moldova. At the modern location in the suburbs of Chisinau, the airport was built in 1960 year. He was able to receive oversized aircraft, including gas turbines. Flights were carried out by An-10 aircraft, which carried out direct flights to Gorky, Mineralnye Vody, Leningrad, Moscow, and other large cities of the USSR. After the construction of the new airport passenger traffic in comparison with the previous 1959 increased by 3 times. Since 1968, the An-24 airplanes have been put on the routes. From the same time cargo transportation to the largest cities of the USSR on Antonov An-12 planes was adjusted. Since 1969 year in the airport of Chisinau began to operate the jet passenger aircraft Tu-134. Later this model became the most exploited plane of Moldova. Tu-134 organized regular flights to Moscow-Chisinau, Tu-124 to Tallinn-Chisinau. In 1972, the number of scheduled local flights from Chisinau Airport has increased to 21. The cost of the ticket to local destinations ranged from two to six rubles, for excess of the luggage rate it was necessary to pay an additional charge up to 8 cents per one kilogram.

In 1972 in Chisinau steel based Yak-40 planes. Since 1974 was opened flights on the An-26 aircraft. Also upgraded helicopter fleet - bought new models of Mi and Ka-2-26.

The work of the new terminal

In 1974, a new air terminal was built on the territory of Chisinau Airport. The construction of the new building was carried out by specialists of the organization "Lenaerproyekt". At the time the new terminal was commissioned, the capacity was 400 per hour, later it reached the level of 700 per hour. At the end of the 1970-ies, regular flights to 40 cities of the Moldavian Republic and other cities of the USSR were carried out from the airport. In 1976 year the passenger traffic was 800 thousand people. In 1980 years. At the sites of the airport in Chisinau, 35 aircraft and 98 units of helicopter equipment were based. For one day 12 flights to Moscow were performed, two - to Rostov, Mineralnye Vody, Sochi and Leningrad. The runway of the aerodrome was increased to 3590 m. Thanks to this, it became possible to take practically all types of aircraft without exception. In 1987, the geography of flights from Chisinau was expanded to 80 cities of the USSR. Domestic Flights from Moldova connected two dozen localities. Also at the end of the 80-ies here began to operate Tu-154B aircraft. Chisinau Airport received 9 cars of this type. On Tu-15 from 1988 year, flights Chisinau-Moscow. The first international flight took place 13.09.1990 in the direction Chisinau-Frankfurt. Later began to perform international flights in other directions.

The post-Soviet period

After the collapse of the USSR, the state of the Republic of Moldova deteriorated significantly. And it affected the airport in Chisinau. The war in Transnistria and the difficult economic situation led to a decline in the living standards of Moldovan citizens. Also important role in this was played by the rupture of cooperative ties with the former republics of the Union. Because of all this, the volume of air transportation significantly decreased. There was a critical situation with the supply of aviation fuel. There were periods in 1993 year, when the airport was idle without flights for two weeks. After the reform of the aviation economy in 1993, the airport of Chisinau took the form of an independent enterprise and an international airport, which is today. In 1990-ies in the airport of Chisinau, representative offices of 30 of various Moldovan air carriers were based. Some of them were "one-day" and did not have a single aircraft. The largest airlines represented at the airport are Moldavian Airlines and Air Moldova.

Present time

Reconstruction of the Chisinau airport was carried out in 2000 year. Funds from the state treasury (3 million) and EBRD (9 million) were allocated for reconstruction works. The construction work involved Turkish organizations. To return the loan to an international bank, it was decided to introduce a target tax on each passenger in the amount of 10 $. Passenger traffic in 2007 amounted to 689 thousand passengers by charter and regular flights to 18 countries of the world. In 2009, the passenger turnover exceeded 8000 thousand people. The airport was nominated 6 times for the award of the best airport in the CIS and in the year 2011 received this award. Passenger traffic in 2012 amounted to 1 million 220 thousand people. Traffic is around 25-30 flights per day. It operates 16 airlines, flights to 22 European cities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The runway of the airfield has one of the largest lengths in Eastern Europe. 

Basic data of Chisinau airport:

  • Airport country: Moldova.
  • The main international airport of Moldova.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 28.93, latitude 46.93.
  • Geographical location: 13 kilometers southeast of Chisinau.


Chisinau (Chisinau International Airport). Official site:

Chisinau (Chisinau International Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: KIV.
  • ICAO airport code: LUKK.
  • Internal airport code: КШН.


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