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Air pictures. Spotting as a kind of hobby aircraft

Air pictures. Spotting as a kind of hobby aircraft


Images and other pictures, exposing the aircraft are increasingly captured the hearts of many people, with this also applies to those who are not well versed in the world of aviation. This kind of hobby is relatively recent, but for him every year joined by all new members in view of what has been called the very fascination spotting.

Official events for spotting in the Russian Federation were held in 2006 year, with the first place where spotters were officially registered, was the capital airport "Vnukovo". Subsequently, every year spotting stepped up their interest among fans of aviation and photographs, until finally there was a real collapse, gave birth to thousands of spotters, who could all day to watch the air space in search of a single frame that would really be able to attract the public's attention .



Sami other pictures can be quite easy to find in a global network, and each of them has its own author and signature so anyway characterizes picture taken.

Online there are a variety of other images that effectively demonstrate the aircraft, with a number of other pictures can be so unique that embody them still somewhere, just can not be possible.



It would seem, at first glance, such a hobby is very safe and at the same time fascinating, but on the other hand, spotting itself is not legally regulated in any of the countries of the world, which under certain circumstances can lead to serious problems with the law. The most famous case is the situation that occurred in 2001, when the Greek police detained a group of 14 spotters who were charged with espionage, but the situation was resolved, albeit through rather complex and serious diplomatic efforts from the countries whose citizens were spoters .