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Plane crash Su-24 24 in Syria in November 2015

Plane crash Su-24 24 in Syria in November 2015. The circumstances and reasons.


18.12.2015 / The dark history of "black box". Another mystery downed Su-24.

18.12.2015 / Onboard recorder Su-24 damaged - it is impossible to extract information

25.11 / warnings about violations of the airspace of Turkey was not

No warning about violation of airspace by Turkey was not, he said the navigator shot down the Su-24

Syria sous-24

25.11 / Putin awarded the title of Hero of the Russian dead pilots of Su-24

For heroism, courage and bravery shown during the performance of military duty Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov awarded the title Hero of Russia (posthumously)

25.11 / second pilot downed Su-24 rescued and taken to the base - the Ministry of Defense

The operation to rescue the second pilot downed Su-24 finalized, said Sergei Shoigu during a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense

25.11 / One of the pilots downed Su-24 alive

One of the pilots of the downed Turkish Su-24 was rescued by the Syrian army, he said the agency "Reuters" referring to Moscow's diplomatic representative in France.
Then the special forces of the Syrian army, who managed to remove the pilot from the rear of the militants, entered the case and is now safe at the Russian Hmeimim airbase. 
According to some reports, one of the pilots was killed by fire from the ground. In addition, during a search and rescue operation, a Russian military helicopter was shot down. Killed one marine contract. 

25.11 09: 45 / White House on the heat should be established that the Su-24 was shot down over Syria

The administration of US President came to the conclusion that the Russian SU-24 was shot down over Syria

Su-24 24.11.2015 disaster Syria

25.11 09: 15 / Lebanese television reported that the co-pilot survived Su-24

One of the Lebanese television said on his page on Facebook, that Russian pilot evacuated the Syrian military

25.11 08: 15 / Su-24 was shot down over Syria - White House

The administration of US President came to the conclusion that the Russian bomber Su-24 was shot down over Syria

25.11 08: 15 / The network has video shooting in the air the pilots of Su-24

The network has a new video of downed in Syria Su-24. Author shocking material, probably one of the militants

24.11 22: 08 / Russian Su-24 was shot down a Turkish F-16 over the territory of Syria - Russian General Staff

Russian bomber Su-24 fighter was shot down the Turkish Air Force F-16 over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic

Turkish pilot f16 knocked sous-24

24.11 20: 29 / Tour operators have started to abandon the sale of vouchers to Turkey

Tez Tour Operators and "Pegas Touristik" stopped selling tours to Turkey, "Solveks Travel" and "OnlaynTur" will continue to work with this direction

24.11 19: 15 / near the Turkish Embassy in Moscow held a picket

The building of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow held a picket to condemn actions of the Turkish military.

Picket sous-24

24.11 18: 27 / advised Russians to abandon trips to Turkey

Foreign Ministry recommends against Russians visit Turkey due to the increase of terrorist threats in the country

24.11 17: 15 / Su-24 not violated Turkish airspace - experts

In Syria, it was shot down by a Russian Su-24. The plane was at an altitude of 6 thousand meters

24.11 17: 15 / "Natalie Tours" has suspended the sale of tours to Turkey

Tour operator "Natalie Tours" suspend the sale of tours to Turkey in the near future

24.11 16: 30 / Russian Su-24 does not threaten Turkey - Putin

The situation with downed Su-24 commented Vladimir Putin. As the President of Russia, the Russian aircraft did not threaten Turkey

24.11 16: 14 / Vladimir Putin commented on the collapse of the Russian Su-24

The President said that the bomber was shot down in spite of an agreement on prevention of incidents in the air

24.11 15: 47 / Russia will take measures after the crash of the Su-24

This was announced on the air "in Moscow FM" military expert, deputy chief editor of the Internet edition of "Daily Journal" Alexander Goltz

24.11 15: 36 / NATO collects an emergency meeting in connection with the crash of the Su-24

The meeting will be held in 19: 00 Moscow time at the request of Turkey

24.11 15: 15 / One of the pilots downed Su-24 died

One of the pilots shot down in Syrian skies bomber Su-24 was killed and the other captured

24.11 13: 15 / The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the information about the crash of the Russian Su-24

Defense Ministry in Moscow confirmed that a Russian Su-24 crashed in Syria

24.11 12: 15 / on the Turkish-Syrian border shot down a Russian Su-24

Russian Su-24 crashed in Syria. Presumably, he was hit by gunfire from the ground


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