Airline Rusair Airlines
Airline Rusair Airlines

Airline Atlasdzhet Airlines (Atlasjet Airlines). Official site.


Basic data airlines Atlasjet Airlines:

  • Country Airlines: Turkey.
  • Aircraft flying between Europe and Turkey.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 2001.
  • IATA airline code: KK.
  • ICAO airline code: KKK.


Atlasjet Airlines (Atlasjet Airlines). Official site:

Atlasdzhet Airlines (Atlasjet Airlines). Official site.

Airline Atlasdzhet Airlines (Atlasjet Airlines). Official sayt.2


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Hello, you give a certificate of the cost of the flight in the Russian Federation, to return to work ????

You can take an external li-pol battery to 8000 may?

Took tickets in advance, the flight from Pulkovo to Antalya 25 September 2018. 13.05.2018 on the radio announced that Atlaszhet from St. Petersburg departures stopped. Where to get official information on this topic and the algorithm for further action? I want to return the money.

What is the weight limit for luggage? and if you fly together the weight develops, if you take one suitcase for two?

We flew 04.05.18 from Domodedovo (although it was supposed to be from Sheremetyevo). We changed everything! Up to the airline !! Departure we had a good 2: 20 flight KK6700, but now we are losing the whole day of rest (now the flight to 14: 30, I'm sure there will be further transfers) !!! I do not like it very much !! To whom are the claims now presented ??? !!!!

If you bought a tour, then each tour operator has the opportunity to specify the desired flight for an additional fee. If you have not specified a flight when purchasing a tour, the tour operator is always in the right to transfer you to any free flight on which seats have been bought from this tour operator. In this case, you need to make a complaint to the travel agency where you bought the tour, and find out why they did not tell you about the opportunity to choose the flight you like for an additional fee.

Marina, do not mislead this information. This service is not available for all operators.

Tickets were bought in January for 25 July 2018 from Moscow to Antalya, through Istanbul. So we changed the departure time so that we will be late for departure from the transit zone (Istanbul) not less than 5-6 hours. On the way back we were extended to the transit zone from 3 hours to more than a day and a half! What alternatives can you offer us ???

If I changed my passport from the moment of the e-ticket pop-up (that is, the e-ticket indicates the data of the old passport), will this be a problem when registering for the flight?

I have a ticket for 02.10.17, flight KK 9217 Departure St. Petersburg, arrival Antalya, time 03: 40. But there is no flight in the timetable.

Hello, bought tickets for flight No. KK-1501. Moscow-Istanbul. The ticket says that we are flying a Boeing 737. Your airline does not have such a plane at all. You wrote it back in 2011. Explain.

tell me about the flight KK6628 Volgograd-Antalya 09.09.2017

Please suggest how you can change the departure date from 16.09.17 to late 28 or 29.09.17. Departure by the flight KK6706 from Samara to Istanbul and the flight KK6013 from Istanbul to Dusseldorf Ticket number 516070625361

Good afternoon. You can transfer the departure date from Samara to Dusseldorf from 16,09,17 to 28 or 29.09.17g 6014 flight and how to do it. Thanks

I ask you to tell us about the flight № КК6960
Departure time 14.08.2017 in 14 hours 10 minutes (local time)
Arrivals Antalya 14.08.2017 in 16 hours 50 minutes (local time)


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