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Airline Katekavia

Airline Katekavia. Official site. 


Russian airline "Katekavia" was founded at the end of the year 1995, and has since developed rapidly and progressively, providing services in passenger and cargo transportation on the territory of the entire Russian Federation.


"PKF KATEKAVIA" renamed Azur Air, - a Russian charter airline based in Moscow's Domodedovo airport. Since the beginning of the year 2015 began work on Turkish tour operator Anex Tourism Group, performing international charter flights from various cities of Russia.

By the end of the year 2014 legal name of the company was "Katekavia." She served as the regional transport in the Volga and Siberian federal districts. Airlines to March 2015 years is a child carrier "UTair".


In August 1996 hosted the first flight: Sharypovo - Norilsk - Sharypovo. In June 1999 was held the first international flight from Sharypovo through Irkutsk and Ulan Bator in Krasnoyarsk. Aviation company specialized in transportation in the Volga and Siberian federal districts. Air fleet consisted of 12 aircraft:

• 2 units. Tu-134;

• 1 unit. An-26;

• 9 units. An-24.

In 2012, UTair bought 25% of Katekavia shares in 2013, while the share of capital in 75 was XNUMX%. 

The route network

Winter program 2015-2016 years focused on charter flights to destinations in:

1. Bangkok (Thailand), Suvarnabhumi airport.

2. Goa (India), Dabolim airport.

3. Barcelona (Spain), Barcelona airport.

4. Cam Ranh (Vietnam), Cam Ranh airport.

5. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Punta Cana airport.

6. Colombo (Sri Lanka), Banadaranaike airport.

7. Tenerife (Spain), Tenerife South airport.

8. Phuket (Thailand), Phuket, Krabi airports.

In November 2015, the airline suspended flights to Egypt.

As of December last year, the average age of the fleet was 17,9 of the year. Aircraft consist of Boeing 737-800 (1 units), 757-200 (9 units), 767-300ER (5 units) models. 

Azur Air transported 2011 passengers in 115415, 2015 in 2000000. 


In the 2010 year, 2 August, at the airport of Igarka (Krasnoyarsk Territory), the landing of the An-24 plane crashed. The cause of the disaster was the crew’s late response to the second round and the vessel’s decline below the minimum height. As a result, 11 passengers and a flight attendant were killed. 

26 November 2014, the Tu-134 plane on the runway in a severe frost was frozen on the runway, and the passengers had to push the ship. This episode was filmed and uploaded to the Internet. A little later, followed by denials from representatives of the airline. 

The routing network of airline includes cities such as Irkutsk, Svetlogorsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kodinsk, Tomsk, Surgut, etc., While gradually expanding to cover more and more destinations.



Park aircraft airline "Katekavia" consists of 12 aircraft:


In addition, the airline operates international and charter flights in different cities of Russia, and beyond it, in the country and abroad.

Katekavia stewardess


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional airlines in Yakutia and Eastern Siberia.

  • ICAO airline code: KTK;

  • Internal airline code: KY;


Airline Katekavia official website

Airline Katekavia (Katekavia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: PO Box 28444, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660135;

  • City phone Airline: + 7 391 230 26 70;

  • Airline fax: +7 391 230 26 71;

  • E-mail Airlines:;

  • Base airport is airport Krasnoyarsk Cheremshanka.

  • Domestic flights: Vanavara, Aldan, Yekaterinburg, Igarka, Krasnoyarsk, Kodinsk, Neryungri, Motygino, Turukhansk, Svetlogorsk, Yakutsk, Khatanga.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Antonov An-24, Tupolev Tu-134


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I will subscribe to every negative review, everything written earlier is pure truth. Wish I had read the reviews before! If your life, time, nerves are dear to you, then NEVER !!! do not fly with this "airline". These are dead and battered planes, apparently written off a hundred years ago.
1. Flight Omsk-Antalya 31 May 2015. Delay 3 hours, one hour in the plane, without any information, then report that the crew eliminates breakage of the sensor. After two hours the airport is also waiting - fly without flight? After a 2 .15 h. Gave some water, as expected. And lo and behold, we fly. In the bow and in the aisles and cold drafts, as in the old Soviet aircraft. People we 21 century, or where ???? Feed medium. Well, the crew was normal, adequately respond to passengers' questions, I think we just got lucky. Thanks to you guys. We flew smoothly, sat softly.
2. We fly back Antalya-Omsk, June 10, 2015. Again a plane from the past, On board a sick child with a fever, an hour delay. When asked by passengers about the delay, we hear: "Well, let's leave your luggage on the ground." In my opinion this is a boorish answer. Further more. This time we sit in the tail, all this hour the VON from the toilet is unbearable, the temperature in the cabin rises. The atmosphere is also heating up. Analyzing the situation now, I understand that the whole point is in the unprofessionalism of the flight attendants who serve the flight. Instead of calming passengers and solving the problem, they get off with boorish phrases like, "It's my job to smile at you." And turning on the air conditioner is probably the concern of passengers? Let's leave the question open to the parents of the child, who only at the airport realized about the high temperature. There are 62 children on board, what if it's contagious? Who will be in charge? Why do they initially put a sick child on a flight? And even in such conditions? Finally some man comes, who was expected as a doctor. He not only without a first aid kit (at least), but even without a thermometer! Although he was told the child has a fever. This is half the trouble, the stewardess barely speaks English, apparently also hardly understands, because the parents do not understand anything that this supposedly doctor says. Passengers, together, pass on the words of this orderly to their parents. The problem has not been resolved, we risked flying like this. The stewardesses (Eugenia, Ekaterina) are at a loss but keep an imperturbable look and continue to be rude. Passenger requests are ignored until you start demanding. And if there was a woman in labor on board, or a heart attack (God forbid!). I guarantee they won't save you. The staff is NOT trained AT ALL! Yes. passengers are nervous, it happens. Girls! Smile to people on earth, please! The sky is not yours! Thanks only to the pilot, we flew well, sat down well. But flying on such a Drabagan and with such a team is a feat. I will leave this review on all sites I know! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES!

Awful airline !!!!! Not only that, and so is not the cheapest to buy from them, so contrived as to transfer flights, which do not dare to call them. The difference in the half-day !!!! And back and forth. At such a time I could and take regular flights at the same price !!!!! NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!

Airlines Disgusting! Permanent transfer of flights (difference between planned and actual flight to 12 hours !!!). It's just a lack of respect for customers, not all have plenty of spare time to adapt to your constantly changing! More under any circumstances will not buy your airline ticket!

Not so long ago, the airline flew to Turkey. Of course, I first heard about an airline I did not know, I was very frightened. But as it turned out, in vain. Sociable pilots, good Boeing, excellent staff. Food is the only drawback. I always wait for a snack in the plane. This brightens up the flight. Morning flight Kazan-Turkey. Meals: a sandwich with a loaf (stale). I asked the girl: "Do you always feed that way?". To which she replied: "No! When you fly from Turkey, then offer a good meal for dinner. " On the way back the promised normal dinner, I never waited. Exactly the same sandwich + cake. Yes, airfares are cheap, so they need to save on something. In general, my assessment is satisfactory. Next time, too, I'll fly with them!

This airline flying from Barcelona to Moscow 29.05.15g. Flight ZF 3188 From Barcelona took off on time b / Guides excellent especially thank Elizabeth considerate, respectful devushka.Vsё enjoyed a great flight. Many thanks to the crew.

Recently I flew by Katekavia to Turkey. When I first heard an unknown company, I was frightened, but in vain. Not bad Boeings, sociable pilots, excellent attendants. The only negative is the food, I always wait for snacks on the plane)) it somehow brightens up my flight) Kazan-Turkey flight was in the morning and they gave me a sandwich with a huge not very fresh bun, I asked 'do you always feed this way'? To which the stewardess replied, 'no from turkey, if you get to dinner, then they do not give bad food' The return flight was in the evening and no normal dinner was given the same sandwich plus a cupcake)) Of course, the plane ticket is cheap, respectively, you should save on something, okay not on fuel)))) put 5 !! I propose to give snacks as in S7 for money I think the same way but much tastier) I will fly with you more than once! Thanks)

Outraged by the transfer of the departure of the charter flight to Burgas 12.06.2015. Instead of the declared time of departure flight ZF3503 / 3504. 
Было: 05:05/09:30 , стало 15:05/18:5
A ticket bought with the expectation of a full day stay on the sea for the weekend. These charters are not needed and nothing.

Horror !!!!! We flew on a charter flight, the seats are so close together that my husband had his feet on the ears, some people with obesity were all !!!! I did not bother to review them and not when she did not write, but then straight itching !!! The first and last time I flew with this airline disgusting !!!!!!!

Today, 28 March 2015. flew in from Thailand. The flight was delayed for an hour and a half. At the airport, even no one came to us, did not explain anything. when it was announced that they had landed on the plane, it turned out that it was provided by Azur Air, which is a charter division of Katekavia Airlines. There was never a flight like this in my life. We flew on the Boeing 757-200. There was nothing to breathe on the plane. Several times they asked flight attendants to do something, but in response silence. Flight attendants walked evil and jerky, as if we were forcing them to feed us and bring water. Since they were sitting in the very first rows, we could not sleep. The flight attendant seemed to close the refrigerator very loudly, constantly knocking something. Nearby there were also small children who also slept badly due to constant noise. The plane itself is very tight, even the legs can not be pulled out. So this flight I will remember for a long time and I hope that this airline will not fly any more.

14 / 03 / 15g flying from Vladivostok to Vietnam in the bitter cold, the smell in the cabin tualeta.eda overdue When the flying from Vietnam, the interior was clean, warm and odorless, food norm.Pri baggage claim I was expecting a nasty surprise pen suitcase with root ripped

We flew by Katekavia airline on January 24.01.2015, XNUMX from Rostov-on-Don for the first time. We flew to Egypt. The staff are very helpful. The take-off and landing were very elegant, they took off and landed noiselessly. Many thanks to the aircraft crew.

I really liked the Katekavia airline. All staff are good-natured, smiling, sociable. Takeoff and landing were just great, quiet. On board were offered various drinks, meals, blankets and various magazines. The flight attendants found a common language for each passenger. I liked everything very much. I will use the Katekavia airline many times.

Lata airline Katekavia the first time. Flew to Krasnoyarsk flight was without delay, the registration went quickly and successfully, although sitting in the tail, plaid brought me, although many have written that they are the plaid was not enough, we offer tea and coffee, takeoff and landing went perfectly, flying nowhere Download and nothing made any noise. The plane was clean and odorless, enjoyed it.