Aviation safety. to preserve human lives Measures
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Aviation safety. to preserve human lives Measures

Aviation safety. to preserve human lives Measures


The question of how really safe civil aviation is for millions of people around the world, almost always remains relevant. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that on the one hand the crash is extremely rare, with an estimated probability of a collapse of a hundred thousand departures, however, hundreds of people who died during the year this is not the result that you can boast about.



For most people, air travel are considered very safe, but those of the passengers who had never flown or flies, but very rarely consider that being at a height of several kilometers, in essence, in aluminum cans, clearly brings nothing good, especially given the daunting statistics.



Earlier Portal Avia.pro already presented its innovative development of predicting the likelihood of one or another of the crash, and, because of this development can be predicted with great accuracy the chance to crash the aircraft on the basis of various kinds of settings - carrier reliability, weather conditions, and so overcome by distance .

However, flight safety is currently provided the best possible way, and offered you the facts, it is perfectly able to prove.

  1. Aviation - the most carefully controlled and carefully researched sphere. Most hazards are thought out in advance and the pilots have a whole guide to action, and not one. Although foresee all possible situations is extremely difficult, if not considered possible, avoiding air incidents succeed in 90% of cases it is due to the previously spent situations.



  1. Aviation security has recently become one of the most important prerogatives of the international community. Now, in order to get on board the aircraft will need to pass more than one control, and the probability to carry on board aircraft weapons or explosives is practically zero. If you are still afraid for their safety on board, remember about you already take care of ground services.



  1. Pilots undergo good training, and even if a beginner is at the helm of the plane, this does not mean at all that your flight can end in disaster. In addition to one pilot, their assistants are always present in the cockpit of airliners, and therefore you should not be afraid that the pilots might get out of control. It is worth noting that the so-called "foolproof" is hardly provided here, as it was clearly seen in the official version with the crash of the German carrier "GermanWings" airliner, but this is rather an isolated case. In addition to this, it should be added that, among other things, pilots, before each of their flights, and in addition and regularly several times a year, undergo strict medical control, so do not think that a simple deteriorating condition of the aircraft commander can lead to an airliner wreck.


  1. As used in aircraft equipment is very expensive, and, often, there are backup systems capable of in case of breakage of one, to take the job on themselves. Aircraft designers think through almost any detail, and even the lightning hit the aircraft or engine failure and even increase the chance of a crash but not a fact that will lead to it.



  1. Modernize systems, flight management, improved performance on-board computers, providing the best conditions of safety of flight - it all takes place in the air almost constantly, and given nearly a century of experience in aviakonstruktorskom fact, the chance of error is very small.



Thus, these five simple truths show that flights in airplanes did not such a terrible thing, and most importantly, remember, for your safety every minute watching dozens of people are on the ground.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro