Private Jets
Private Jets

Private jets. What kind of planes from favorites?



Pilatus PC-24

Unique Pilatus PC-24, perhaps, the only aircraft that combines the versatility of a turboprop aircraft-medium and light aircraft flying qualities. Besides Pilatus PC-24 suitable for short and even unpaved runways - so you can land closer to your destination.


Pilatus PC-24

Pilatus PC-24

It is called luxury "penthouse on the floor of the five thousand" - the vast interior of the private aircraft Pilatus PC-24 has a stunning capacity and comfort. This also applies to the height of the cabin for passengers and crew, and custom-made interior: refined details, soft leather furniture and rare species of deciduous trees. Thanks 13 huge porthole salon PC-24 plenty of natural light - there is much more comfortable than in the first grade.

Price Pilatus PC-24 (including interior design) is about $ 9 million.

Boeing BBJ

Business Jet BBJ Boeing Company - this is an acceptable operating cost in combination with universal parameters, which makes it possible to use the aircraft for intercontinental flights. The BBJ is based on Boeing 737: there is more than enough room for the usual living room, dining room, study, bedroom with double bed and a spacious bathroom. All aircraft are produced in the green version - each owner can decorate the interior for themselves, in full accordance with their taste and special needs. As a rule, BBJ is used not for business trips, but as a private plane: here 19 people can be accommodated with extreme comfort (recall, Boeing 737 in the configuration for airlines usually accommodates 119 passengers).


Boeing BBJ 1

Boeing BBJ

Boeing BBJ 23

Boeing BBJ

Among other innovations, we note a reduced level of pressure - 6500 instead of the usual 8500. This makes it easier to endure jet lag.

Price Boeing BBJ (737), including custom-made exterior and interior, is about $ 80 million.

Boeing 747-8 VIP

The famous liner Boeing 747 as an exclusive private business jet is something beyond the bounds of even the richest businessmen on the planet. Several such aircraft have already been sold to private individuals, however, Boeing respects full confidentiality and protects information about the owners. Thanks to its stunning capacity (almost 450 m2) and luxurious amenities, 747-8 VIP is a full-fledged house and office in heaven. Any individual configuration of the interior can include a full dining room, a living room, an office, a bedroom with a double bed, luxury bathrooms, a gym, a private office and a conference room, as well as a staff room.


747-8 VIP 23

747-8 VIP

In 747-8 VIPWithout a doubt, an outstanding range of intercontinental flights. Since 100 people aboard double-decker jet can fly without refueling, for example, from Moscow to Sydney.

Price Boeing 747-8 VIP, including custom-made exterior and interior, is about $ 290-300 million.


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