Duty free airports in Turkey
Duty free airports in Turkey

Duty free airports in Turkey


For those who love to travel, do not need to explain that you need to go to Turkey just for the warm sea, sunny beaches, and gorgeous mountain scenery. Seasoned tourists this trip is almost always combined with shopping for that there is a huge number of reasons.

As a rule, the country attracts visitors prices for leather, textiles and jewelry. But not everyone can take out of Turkey such purchases. The mass of boutiques and shops of Antalya offer foreigners all sorts of products and a variety of souvenirs. In such a rich choice of understand sometimes it's not so simple.

Duty free airports in Turkey

Fans staying abroad are well aware that this Duty free and what benefits you can generally count on. In either the airport or sea port of the world there is a free trade area that offer different products without duties. But be that as it may, and commodity prices are different everywhere. Therefore, tourists are advised to visit a profitable trade zone in Turkey. Most stores carried a wide variety of stocks.

Duty free airport Turkey

Especially a rich assortment of products and high service boasts a duty free at Antalya airport.

If you are in search of cheap tobacco products, alcohol or chocolate, you can safely go to the Duty free. In addition, at the airport you can buy electronics, and even jewelry at competitive prices. Duty free airport Turkey also offers tourists a huge range of perfumes and cosmetics. For these products, you can not doubt, despite the fact that expensive perfumes costing consumers much cheaper than just a store.

According to the regular visitors of Turkey, the lowest prices can be found at the exit of the zone. But do not pay much attention to it, because you do not always have the option to buy them out of the country before departure.

The cost of alcohol in duty free Antalya Airport

Duty free airports in Turkey

It should immediately be noted that the alcohol in Duty free airport Antalya quite often offer huge discounts, especially if the customer buys a bottle of volume from 1 liters.


The tourists are very popular drinks, presented in gift bottles. Among them, cognac, rum, liqueurs, whiskey, especially varieties like "Bailey" or "Malibu".


When planning the purchase is important to consider that the prices are in euros. Experienced people say that the exchange rate at the international airports are almost always poor. However, there is always a way out: pay cards "MasterCard" and "Visa".


The cost of cosmetics in duty free Antalya


Where much cheaper to buy in Antalya Duty free cosmetics. And profit almost doubled. You can be quite sure that you will get branded cosmetics and no you will not deceive. Note also that in this shop sells cosmetic sets that go on sale in a few months. So, ladies, with luck, you can show off to her friends really exclusive sets of cosmetics tested by leading manufacturers.


As for jewelry, then the price is too low. Compared with urban lounges they are cheaper by about fifteen percent. This is especially true of stones Swarovski.


Restrictions on purchases


Often tourists worried about the following question: "How much can you take out the goods from the duty free?" Has its limitations at the airport Antalya. For example, alcohol with a strength of 22 degree are allowed to take out no more than three liters. If the fortress is less than 22 degrees, respectively, it is permitted to take out twice. There is also a restriction on tobacco products. Allowed to take out no more than nine blocks of cigarettes. If you are a lover of cigars, then at a time you can take away only 150 pieces. As for tobacco, it is of limited 750

As you can see, before you go to the duty free, think about how much and what you buy. Enjoy the shopping!


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