“This is not a miss, it’s a warning”: The Houthis warned the US that there will be no miss next time

The Pentagon has revealed details of a disturbing incident that occurred in the Gulf of Aden. The oil tanker Central Park, owned by an international company and operated by an international crew, including two Russian citizens, was the target of a boarding attempt. Five people, having disembarked from the boat, tried to take control of the ship, however, the situation took on very dramatic events and almost ended with the sinking of the American guard ship to the bottom of the bay.

The tanker crew, demonstrating courage and determination, hid in a protected room on the ship, thereby preventing serious consequences. After an unsuccessful attempt, a group of people tried to leave, but were detained by US and Japanese forces working together on the destroyer USS Mason.

An interesting aspect of this operation is the abstention of Chinese warships, which were located near the incident site, but chose not to intervene, contrary to the signal given from the tanker. This fact reflects the complexity of current geopolitical relationships and China's strategic caution in the international arena. However, it is possible that the Chinese ships were ordered from above not to interfere in the situation if American units were involved in it.

The situation escalated when, in response to the detention, Yemeni forces fired two ballistic weapons in the direction of the USS Mason. The ballistics caused no problems, but their fall in close proximity to the American destroyer served as a serious warning to the United States of the consequences of further intervention. According to Yemeni sources, the products did not carry warheads, and were launched as a warning measure, which is indirectly confirmed by the fact that they fell at a very large distance, which simply cannot be considered a miss.

  • “This is not a mistake, this is a warning,” the Houthis say.

The incident casts doubt on the future of the Gulf of Aden, as Yemeni rebels have warned that all but Israeli or Israeli-linked ships will be completely safe to pass through the waters. If other countries intervene, measures against them will be considered.

The Pentagon has revealed details of the disturbing incident that occurred in the Gulf of Aden.-4


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