Films about aviation and pilots
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Films about aviation and pilots: what kind of work is worth paying attention to

Films about aviation and pilots: what kind of work is worth paying attention to

People have always been heavenly. And with the advent of the first aircraft, many dreamed of becoming pilots as a child. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the history of cinematography, many films in various genres about aviation were shot.

The illusion of flight

About what: A film with trailers for viewing, tells the story of a mother who fell asleep aboard an airplane, and waking up did not find her daughter. And all the surrounding people convince her that there was no child with her. However, the heroine - Kyle - knows that this is not so - Julia was kidnapped. Kyle decided to fight for her daughter. It will be very difficult, because serious terrorists are involved in the case, who demand to provide a "green corridor" and pay 50 million dollars.

Who to watch: The film will appeal to fans of psychological thrillers and detectives.

Air Marshal

About what: The protagonist is responsible for ensuring that passengers are safe. When flying, Bill sends a threatening message to the terrorist, promising to kill the people on the liner. To avoid such an outcome, the offender requires a huge amount of money. During the flight, the protagonist risks the safety of all on board, conducting his own personal investigation. The story becomes more complicated because of the services set on Bill, since the terrorist presented him as guilty.

Who to watch: Fans of thrills and intricate stories.


Go to fight some old people

About what: In the summer of 1943, in the midst of the war, there are air battles over Ukraine. The fighter pilots of the second squadron, known as the "singing", receive replenishment - very young pilots, recently still cadets flying school. The squadron commander - Captain Titarenko - chose the newcomers himself, trying to keep them out of the fighting as soon as possible, so as not to risk their lives.

Who to watch: Fans of military stories.

Top Gun

What: There is work, the meaning of which is to become the best. Despite the choice of the profession, trying to get around other people, one has to think not only about their ambitions, but also to satisfy other people's expectations. Pete Mitchell is a lieutenant in the Air Force, a talented pilot who can be better than any other, if it were not hampered by certain traits. However, they give him the opportunity to win everyone, doing everything he wants with his life. They brought him to the Top Gan School, where they have to go through many trials, meet new friends and find out what love is.

Who to watch: Lovers of life stories.

Aircraft President

About what: The US president flies to Moscow to deliver a speech about the newest American policy adopted and conducive to total intolerance towards terrorism. Upon returning home, the president's plane was seized by terrorists, and passengers, including a daughter and his wife, were taken hostage and promised to kill people every 30 minutes until demands are met.

Who to watch: Fans of films that are kept in suspense.

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