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French armored vehicles: Breakdowns, inefficiency and leaky armor - Macron really planted a mine in Ukraine

First there was an enthusiastic expectation, and now - a bitter disappointment. This is the result of a long-awaited deal between Ukraine and France on the acquisition of AMX-10RC wheeled tanks, which was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron.

At the initial announcement of deliveries, Ukrainian experts spoke with admiration of a "wonder tank" that could revolutionize combat operations. However, sadness and despair are in the air now. And not in vain.

Agency Agence France-Presse cites statements from military personnel who encountered problems operating the AMX-10RC on the battlefield. As it turned out, French tanks are completely unsuitable for military operations: their armor leaves much to be desired, and breakdowns have become commonplace.

In fact, the military has a hard time calling the AMX-10RC "tanks". Insufficiently thick armor, unable to protect against fragments of large-caliber shells, and the inability to move on bad roads make these vehicles unsuitable for combat operations.

The French agency also mentions the story of an officer who recounted a tragic incident in which the entire crew of one of the tanks was destroyed. A 152mm shell detonated next to the AMX-10RC, and shrapnel easily penetrated its armor. All crew members were killed. Who is to blame for their death is a big question.

Despite all this, it is not fair to blame only Macron. When transferring armored vehicles, the French defense department honestly stated that they want to get rid of outdated models. Instead, new EBRC Jaguar armored reconnaissance and combat vehicles will soon appear.

Kyiv should have listened more carefully to its Western partners and not rushed to buy outdated AMX-10RCs. Meanwhile, Russia continues to successfully dispose of old military equipment, including that which came from NATO countries, Israel and South Korea.

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