A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea
A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea Indonesia AirAsia

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea Indonesia AirAsia


Accident A320 in the Yavan Sea occurred 28 December 2014 next to the coast of Kalimantan Island. Airliner Indonesian air company Indonesia AirAsia performed a regular passenger flight with 7 crew members and 155 passengers on board. The plane flew from Sidoargo airport and was traveling along the route of Surabaya - Singapore and a thunderstorm overtook him over the Yavan Sea. The crew was forced to deviate from the route for its detour at 27 minute of flight, but already in 6 minutes the 8501 flight completely disappeared from the radar screens between Kalimantan and Java, and a few minutes later communication with the crew was lost. Two days later, the ships found a wreck of an airliner in the Yavan Sea. By the number of victims (162) this catastrophe occupies 2 place in the history of Indonesia.

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

First data:

Passenger airliner Airbus A320-200 owned airline «Air Asia» crashed near Indonesia.

Contact passenger airliner belonging to the Malaysian air carrier «Air Asia» and operate flights from Surabaya to Singapore was lost around midnight Moscow time. As it became known later, 161 airliner with a man on board, of which 155 passengers hit severe turbulence, causing a system failure occurred and the control plane began to lose altitude.

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

It also became known that a few minutes before the airliner disappeared from radar, the pilots of the aircraft requested a new route, but soon the connection with the plane was lost.

Search and rescue operation at the crash site airliner has already begun, but the details of that are not currently available.

Air Asia is the budget carrier of Malaysia, and it makes flights to more than 400 different destinations in 25 countries. An air crash that has occurred today will certainly be investigated, and it is likely that the true causes of the incident will soon be established. According to a number of suggested assumptions, the fuel could run out in the plane, but it should be taken into account the fact that passenger airliners of this type are filled with a reserve, and given that the aircraft actually carried out the air flight for a short distance, this version may turn out to be erroneous.

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

Airbus A320-216 3648 number made its first flight in 2008 year and in the first trial had a number of F-WWBZ. His passenger 180 numbered seats. Equipped with a dual-circuit turbofan CFM International CFM56-5B6 / 3.


16 2008 October, the aircraft entered the company Indonesia AirAsia, which has received a new registration number PK-AXC.

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

Airliner had to fly along the following route Surabaya - Singapore - Semarang - Singapore - Surabaya. Flight 8501 was supposed to fly out of Sidoarjo in 22: 20, and land at Changi Airport in 00: 30. In 22: 35, 15 ie minutes after the scheduled timetable, flight with passengers 155 (16 children, 138 1 adults and a baby) and 7 crew members took off. Then, rotate the left (course 329 °), toward the Javanese sea. 21 minute later rose to 9,8 km (train 320) and carried a slight turn to the left (the rate 319 °). 10 minutes later was made another left turn - rate 310 °.

A320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

In 23: 12 crew made contact with air traffic control in Jakarta, told the evasion to the left of the route due to bypass of storm clouds, and asked permission to go up to 11,6 km (train 380), in which he was denied. In 23: 16 was the last radio contact with the aircraft. In 23: 18 flight disappeared from radar screens, but in 23: 24 was completely lost contact with the crew.

A320 catastrophe in the Java SeaA320 catastrophe in the Java Sea

The site Flightradar24 published information, that at this time the airliner was over the Javanese sea near one of thunderstorm cells. With the crashed airliner bodies were found 101 passenger.

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