MD Helicopters MD 500. Photo. Characteristics.
MD Helicopters MD 500. Photo. Characteristics.

MD Helicopters MD 500


The MD530F is a multipurpose helicopter designed by the American firm McDonnell Douglas Helicopter. The helicopter is a further development of the family of light single-engine multipurpose helicopters of the Mc Donnell Douglas Model 500 class. Structural parts of the MD 500E helicopter were used in the design of the helicopter. The main changes in the helicopter: the main rotor diameter increased by 0.3 m, the tail rotor diameter was increased by 5 centimeters, an improved transmission was installed. 


MD Helicopters MD 500 photo

MD Helicopters MD 500 photo

The first flight of the helicopter took place on 22.10.1982/1983/1984. The helicopter certification was completed in July 1999. The first deliveries of the helicopter series began in January 1999. At the end of 530 the helicopters were modernized according to the program adopted by Boeing. Since 2, deliveries of improved MD 2F helicopters began (delivered - XNUMX helicopters for the Colombian National Police and XNUMX helicopters for the Puerto Rico Energy Company). 


MD Helicopters MD 500 photo booths

MD Helicopters MD 500 photo

Features helicopter MD 530F:


  • Range: 381km 

  • Cruising speed: 248km / hour 

  • The highest altitude: 5700m 

  • The highest take-off weight: 1406kg 

  • Cabin height: 1.22m 

  • interior length: 1.50m 

  • The greatest number of passengers: 3-4 

  • Interior width: 1.22 

  • Height: 2.90m  

  • Length: 7.50m 



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