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What helicopters our pilots could fly

What helicopters our pilots could fly

Shoigu said that NATO is pulling forces to the borders of Russia.

“Speed ​​is one of the key parameters of modern military helicopters. Sometimes it is critically important to transfer troops or cargo to the conflict zone, or to pick up the victims from there as soon as possible. New generation high-speed hybrid helicopters have already overcome the 400 km / h barrier. The unofficial speed record for descent (487 km / h) and level flight (472 km / h) belongs to the rotorcraft of the Eurocopter company with the short name X3. But so far we are talking only about demonstration models. It is not known exactly when these "sprinters" will go into mass production (and whether they will at all). ("Popular Mechanics", 08.08.2021).

Eurocopter X3: cruising speed 407 km / h.      

 "This aircraft, with its unique combination of elements, performed well at high speeds, with excellent stability and low vibration levels without anti-vibration system."

Our highest-speed transport helicopter will be the Mi-26 with Vcr. = 255 km / h, although the Mil designers could have given our pilots faster helicopters for a long time. The fact is that at the end of the last century, he proposed a scheme for a single-rotor helicopter without a tail rotor. (For more details, see the article from 2017-01-11 "A good Mi-26 helicopter, but a darling!"). But already in those days, the Soviet demo-liberals marked the beginning of the helicopter stagnation, which continues to this day, so the Mi-26 helicopter with the army nickname “cow” is not expected to be replaced tomorrow! I believe that he got his nickname after Mayakovsky: “It is difficult for a cow to run fast, ...”, and in the 1st century every helicopter is obliged to fly quickly.

A high-speed helicopter with a tail rotor of the Mi-X1 type is a fantasy of a wrecker's head, while without any problems it was possible to create a high-speed helicopter based on the same Mi-26. But this will already be a rotorcraft of a new design, which has a fuselage with an aircraft tail and wings, but the engines, the main gearbox and the main rotor are from the Mi-26.

A crafty answer came to such a proposal from the KB MVZ, altering my words "based on a helicopter":

"MVZ im. M.L. Mile 28.10.86/1788/XNUMX No. XNUMX.

Your letter to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union with a proposal to modify our old-type helicopters (Mi-6 and others) in such a way as to turn them into rotorcraft ...

 Thanks to the seemingly obvious advantages of rotorcraft ... The Soviet Union also built and passed flight tests the Ka-22 rotorcraft ... 6. ... Yours faithfully, Deputy General Designer (SA Kolupaev) ".

Mr. S.A. Kolupaev is lying, because the Ka-22 has already been put into production. But since Russia is not supposed to have the world's best rotorcraft and helicopters in operation, the first two serial rotorcraft were organized disasters (my personal opinion) in order to remove them from production once and for all!

The reason for the Ka-22 catastrophes is often cited as the difficulty in controlling the main rotors due to their remoteness. But in the second rotorcraft, the propeller control was thoroughly modified, in particular, the cable rods were replaced with rigid ones, so my personal conclusion after the second disaster is that both of them are sabotage!

“The exact causes of the disasters have not yet been made public. It is difficult to say whether this is some kind of political "move" in the field of aircraft construction or a sufficiently complete analysis of the catastrophes has not been carried out simply because the disgraced project has ceased to interest the country's leadership " (

In the USSR, the commission for the investigation of plane crashes included highly professional specialists from all services: flight, engineering, special equipment, etc., so the conclusion of the chairman of the commission was objective and without politics! It must be assumed that it is for this reason that the results of the investigation into the Ka-22 crashes have not been made public.

And to the "difficulties" of piloting the Ka-22, which are also often referred to by liberal authors in justification of catastrophes, I will add one more excerpt from this article:

“During the tests, when the engines were running at full power (11 thousand hp), the rotorcraft reached a speed of 375 km / h. Test pilot Yu. Garnaev, literally in love with the Ka-22, noted that the rotorcraft is well controlled at any speed (from hovering speed to maximum) and flight altitudes (up to the practical ceiling). "

By the way, in the V-12 (Mi-12) helicopter, the distance of the rotors was even greater and the control worked reliably, and in Le Bourget it was generally the star of the exhibition. And if the Ka-22 was in operation, it would later have a fly-by-wire control of the main rotors, and the engines would be replaced with the D-25VF of increased power with 5500hp. up to 6500hp, which were installed on the V-12, and then they would complement each other very well!

It should be noted that the Ka-22 was a very promising aircraft, and with the D-25VF engines, it would be slightly inferior to the Mi-26 helicopter in terms of carrying capacity, but it would be much superior in speed at a much lower cost of a flight hour.

But apparently in Russia a veto was imposed on the operation of outstanding rotorcraft and helicopters, therefore, immediately after two accidents, the production of the Ka-22 was discontinued. But as if, showing the Kamovites a fat fig, after 4 accidents and 2 severe accidents, the Mi-28N helicopter continues to fly without any restrictions. Not unimportant plus or minus to this "fig" is also that our Army does not need this helicopter at all, but the government pretends that everything is in order with it, and the Aerospace Forces is "waiting for" it. He began to fall as soon as he started service and the first fall was at the Gorokhovets training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region after a missile shot from a hovering height.

Returning to the phrase “they changed my words” I will add that “transform” and build a new one are different concepts! And if there were a heavy rotorcraft in our army today, it would fly at a speed of not 260 km / h, but 360-380 km / h.

The rotorcraft scheme proposed by me differs from the Ka-22, it is a single-rotor, which is why it was suitable for the KB MVZ. Its essence is as follows:

on the console of the left wing, it is necessary to install a turbine engine with a pulling coaxial propeller, the power of which should be twice that which will be spent on the wing reversible propeller of the right wing. In turn, the power transmitted to it from the main engines should be no more than the power expended on the xv. helicopter propeller Mi-26.

Since I am talking about a rotorcraft "based on the Mi-26 helicopter", then to estimate its capabilities I will try and compare them with the Mi-26.

Let us assume that the power of the wing turbine engine of the rotorcraft should be ~ 4000hp. Today, such an engine is only in the project, so I will "replace" it with two TV3-117 with a total power of 4400hp. At the same time, the hourly fuel consumption increased from 3100kg / hour for the Mi-26 to 3900kg / hour for the rotorcraft.

Restoration of the Arctic airfield on the island. The boiler began with a Mi-26 helicopter. From a / p Tiksi to about. Boiler room S = 540 km, i.e. there and back S = 1080km. The rotorcraft at a speed of 360 km / h will cover this distance in 3 hours and will consume 11,7 tons of fuel. Mi-26 will spend time = 4 hours 10 minutes. and will use up - 13t. As you can see, even with a third engine in terms of fuel consumption, the rotorcraft will be more economical than the helicopter, and most importantly: in just one flight, the rotorcraft will save one flight hour, which cost 26 rubles for the Mi-600 at that time!

Then I proposed this scheme for the Mi-6 and Mi-24 helicopters (both with wings). I received a refusal, and the scheme miraculously ended up in Eurocopter, so the high-speed capabilities of the rotorcraft of this scheme can now be seen on the flying Eurocopter X3 (Vmax = 472k / h), while the reviews about it are no less interesting:

"It's a helicopter," says test engineer Dominique Fournier, "but as soon as it takes off, it takes on the characteristics of an aircraft with wings."

"Also L.Bertling, the head of Eurocopter, says that X3 will probably not be the fastest helicopter, as the Sikorsky X2 model demonstrates a higher speed, but he is confident that the Eurocopter product will be more profitable."

Of course, it is doubtful that it will be more cost-effective than the American coaxial X2. But the rotorcraft, which can be built on the basis of the Mi-26, will be more profitable than the Mi-26 itself - no doubt about it!

The only trouble is that the highly professional design and development of such an aircraft in our country is already in question? In Soviet times, such a project could be launched without any problems at the KB MVZ, but since 1980 of the last century, not a single new model has come out of this design bureau, and the Mi-38 helicopter is also not their project - they took it away from the citizens of Kazan:

“The first developments and sketches of the future helicopter have been carried out in the Kazan branch of Mil since 1983. But in 87, the customer wished to introduce more new and progressive solutions into the car, which were supposed to improve the technical characteristics of the helicopter. It is for this reason that the designers of the Mil Moscow Bureau began to work on the further development of the project. " (

In those days, Mi-8 helicopters were equipped with two TV2-117 engines with a capacity of 1500hp each. each, and in 1977 the TV3-117 engine was adopted by our Air Force:

“It is one of the best engines in the world in terms of economy in its class, which is achieved due to the high efficiency of the main units (the compressor efficiency is 86%, the compressor turbine efficiency is 91%, the free turbine efficiency is 96%). The values ​​of specific fuel consumption and specific gravity correspond to the best world standards. TV3-117 is one of the most reliable engines in the world " (

The power of this engine = 2200hp. From here it is not difficult to guess that the Kazan project of the Mi-38 was with a TV3-117 engine, and since it was designed to replace the Mi-8, then, if you had stayed in Kazan, the Mi-38 would have already finalized its resource, but about the Mi-8 today and generally would have forgotten.

By appropriating the project, the residents of Milev promised: “more new and progressive solutions”. But their main innovation was the long-term construction, stretching for more than 30 years. But already in the middle of a long-term construction ex gene. designer cost center A.G. Samusenko issued: "... in general, the Mi-38 can be called a helicopter of the XXI century ..." (Takeoff 2011 05).

But since The Mi-38 was a helicopter of the 1th century, then in the XNUMXst century boasting about this helicopter was no longer appropriate:

OJSC Kamov is negotiating with potential customers on new versions of the helicopter - the Ka-32-11 passenger helicopter, which uses the power plant, propellers, main gearbox and other power units from the Ka-32A11BC, but the fuselage has been changed. Such a car is designed to carry 20 passengers, equipped with a toilet and a luggage compartment. In addition, the composition of the onboard equipment will be completely changed on the Ka-32-11 " (27.05.2009

But the Ministry of Industry and Trade refused to finance the development of the Ka-32-11 under a false pretext: "there is no customer", depriving passengers and pilots of a more comfortable and safe, and the State - a more profitable helicopter! Yes, and it would have entered service much earlier than the Mi-38 and there would have been no “need” to “invent” the Mi 171A2 and Mi 171A3, although in fact it is another withdrawal of money from the state treasury under the guise of some kind of concern!

Then the Kamov company proposed a Ka-32-10AG helicopter with VK-2500 engines for the competition for the Arctic version.

Its loading inside the fuselage has been increased from 4t. up to 5,5t, and on the external sling-7t, but this time the worst version of the two competitors was launched into serial production: the Mi-171A2, which in terms of carrying capacity is inferior to the coaxial Ka-32-10AG by as much as 1,5 tons with the same engines, besides, the Kamov co-axle is also faster!

The superiority of coaxial helicopters may not be understood by the financier A. Boginsky, illiterate in helicopter technology, who was assigned to the aviation to lead (A. Raikin: "drive with his hands!" designers of the cost center them. M.L. Mile. All the more surprising is their frantic desire - at any cost to introduce into our aviation much worse flight characteristics and reliability of Mi helicopters in comparison with coaxial helicopters, under the guise of competition. Moreover, there is no smell of competition here: the outdated Mi helicopters are significantly inferior to coaxial helicopters in all respects and, first of all, in flight safety!

Particularly indicative is their assertiveness when deploying Mi-28 combat helicopters of little use for modern warfare into the Army, where they used (and are using) LIE tactics, which for them became the main weapon for destroying the outstanding Ka-50 Black Shark attack helicopter:

“The literature, periodically supplied by the cost center, gave a special heat to the scientific disputes. Mil OKB launched a real information aggression against the Ka-50 helicopter. Its aerodynamic features, which are also inherent in the Mi-28, were deliberately turned into fictional flaws by the cost center specialists. At the same time, the advantages of the Mi-28 were extolled in every possible way. As a rule, reliable information was skillfully combined with their pseudoscientific interpretation, so that only a narrow specialist could distinguish truth from fiction ” (2005 © International Joint Biographical Center).

And the man in the street is presented with a LIE already according to Goebbels, i.e. the more deceitful she is, the more hope for her success:

The NIGHT HUNTER will be faster, more maneuverable thanks to the new engine, and also safer. The Mi-28 is one of the successful developments of the Soviet and Russian attack helicopter.

Especially for the Mi-28: “… aerobatics. Such figures include such as:

1. Loop Nesterov;

2. The coup of Immelman;

3. Barrel;

4. Flying sideways, flying backward, sideways at a speed of 100 km / h;

5. Turn with angular speed up to 117 degrees / s;

6. The maximum angular rate of roll is more than 100 deg / s. ”.

(More in the article from 2021-02-12. Helicopters of the USSR - high flight).

The need for items 1; 2; 3 only at parade helicopters, and attack helicopters in a combat situation are not up to "Nesterov's loops" and "barrels" - they are obliged to clear the road for the infantry, destroying armored vehicles and manpower of the enemy.

Paragraph # 5 lies:

For the Mi-28N helicopter, according to the Flight Operations Manual, the permissible turn rate is no more than 30 deg / s, but not 117 deg / s, as the author of the article convinces.

In point number 6:

A lie that, in its cynicism, "does not fit into any gate." Firstly, the roll speed is not measured in deg / s, and secondly, there are no rolls over 90 degrees at all.

But about the ejection rescue systems, which are in the Ka-50/52 helicopters, but not in any Mi helicopter, the author "forgot" to mention, although for a combat helicopter this is the main element of saving the lives of pilots!

The video shows that if there were ejection seats in this helicopter, the pilots would have remained alive and would have continued their service in their Air Force, because next to them, their winged helicopter is clearly visible, which would certainly have picked up its comrades after the ejection.

When watching this video, the blood in the veins freezes, because a normal person empathizes with pilots when they are helpless in the rapidly approaching terrible demise of their life!

True, there is hope that the serial production of the Ka-52 will also be resumed. For example, this year they promise to deliver them to the Air Force as much as 30 pieces: “IN RUSSIA 13:29, August 24, 2021. The Ministry of Defense will receive 30 modernized Ka-52M Alligator helicopters ..., the managing director of the manufacturing plant of these machines told Interfax (AAK "Progress") Yuri Denisenko ".

But the release of these 30 helicopters required rallies in the city of Arsenyev (Far East) after the "optimizers" tried to cut 220 employees there: "The reason is cost optimization" ( ›digest / 2019/09/24 /).


Again, if the "Alligators" are only in terms of delivery to the Aerospace Forces, the Mi-28NM are already being received, although they are far from meeting the realities of today's war due to their weak flight characteristics. From the story of the honored test pilot:

“As N.G. Ryzhkov, he even had a chance to "fight" against the Mi-24. “In 1987-89. at the Chauda training ground with the same level of training as a test pilot from Moscow, we conducted an air battle with fixing the sight in the photo. I only flickered in the crosshair of the Mi-24 sight, and having put my car in the "flat turn-side bend-funnel with pitching or dive" mode, it was not difficult for me to hold the Mi-10 in the crosshair of the S-24 sight for up to 17 seconds. laser range detection and automatic advance training for firing cannons ... The navigator could work both with ATGMs and with a machine gun. "

And "fought" N.G. Ryzhkov with the legendary Mi-24 in a Ka-29 helicopter. As for the Mi-28N, its maneuverability is no better and even worse than the Mi-24's parent due to its greater drag! For helicopters, the barrels and loops with which the liberals are trying to delight the people are not an indicator of high maneuverability. These are for the parade, where they are performed at a slower pace due to the insufficient safety factor of the Mi-28 design (permissible overload -1,3 / + 3; Permissible bank angle: 50 degrees). Nesterov's loop on fighters is performed with an overload of -8g,

Continuation of the test pilot's story:

“The Caucasian winter added its share of dangers, especially when piloting at extremely low altitudes. Frequent fogs covered the passes, and then they had to fly through the gorges. Under these conditions, the scheme with coaxial propellers showed its high efficiency, which was noted by the group commander after the very first flight: "In the mountains, one should fly only on such helicopters." Indeed, the absence of a tail rotor makes PILOTING much easier in case of dangerous gusts of crosswind, which posed a special threat in confined mountain conditions. "

And the aviation encyclopedia clearly tells about the necessary helicopter aerobatics:

“The Ka-29 is the first Russian helicopter to be able to make a pedal (flat) turn in the entire range of flight speeds. For the Mi-24, this is unacceptable in terms of the strength of the tail rotor, transmission and tail boom. Such a combat maneuver, of course, provides the Ka-29 with superiority over all domestic and foreign combat helicopters of its time. The ability of the Ka-29 to take an advantageous position for attacking the target in the shortest possible time while maintaining the high accuracy characteristics of the weapon is a dream come true for an air sniper. Pilots with experience in flying helicopters of both schemes, first of all, note the Ka-29's simplicity of piloting and obedience in control. " (

And more about the Ka-29: “Its maximum speed is up to 310 km / h. It goes very well at a speed of 270-290 km / h without any shaking ”(test pilot Alexander Cherednichenko).

Comparing the combat capabilities of the same Ka-29 and Mi-24, as well as the Mi-8 with the Ka-32-10AG, the thought involuntarily arises that the orders for our army aviation come from the Vashobkom and have been duplicated since the days of the Ka-22!

For example, instead of the more maneuverable and compact Ka-29 in service, the Russian Helicopters are rearranging the Mi-8 for an attack aircraft: the Mi-171SH Storm, which will enter service in 2022.

It shoots missiles almost like the Ka-52, but in fact it is a flying target that can be shot down without any problems on the tail boom from small arms, especially since our pilots fly, say, in Syria, at low altitudes, and the speed of Mi- 8 (Mi-171SH "Storm") from the last century. In a word - not so much an attack aircraft is ahead as a gift for the enemy soldiers!

But okay, if the Mi-8 was really irreplaceable and one of a kind, but in addition to the Ka-29, the paratroopers could be offered another, more comfortable and modern helicopter for landing.

It is safer, more compact and faster than the Mi-8 helicopter.

And when I see the formation of Mi helicopters, V. Vysotsky does not get out of my head:

"The truth, Wan, - You give me the same bungle ...".

And gene. the designers of the cost center, under the strict guidance of financiers and sociologists, "did not hit their faces in the dirt", "navarganiv" this old for our Army "wagon and small cart":

“The Ka-50 helicopter has been discontinued. To date, about a hundred Ka-52 units and more than one hundred Mi-28 Night Hunter helicopters have been delivered to the troops.

The most in service are the Mi-24 (620 units) and Mi-8 (570 units). These are reliable, but old Soviet vehicles that can be used for some time after minimal modernization (Air Force of the Russian Air Force 2021: history ...).

"Are they reliable, but old Soviet cars"? What kind of reliability can we talk about when they fall like flies in the fall (see / 14.02.2020/8/2018 Accidents and disasters of Mi-2020 helicopters in Russia in XNUMX-XNUMX).

The tail rotor of this helicopter refused to climb immediately after takeoff, which was the lucky thing for the crew.

“On board were officials who were going to assess the consequences of the natural disaster in the state of Veracruz after the recent Hurricane Grace. Judging by the videos that appeared on the Web, the rotorcraft lost control almost immediately after takeoff. "Seventeenth" took to the side, and he, having made several turns in the air, touched a slowly moving minibus during the fall "(13.10.2021 TASS).

Unfortunately, the Mi-24 does not lag behind him in this: “The squadron from Kunduz science cost 6 Mi-24D, lost in the first year, mostly for non-combat reasons, broken in the mountains due to fog and unexpected air currents, broken when landing on slopes and in gorges "(Markovsky Victor. Hot sky of Afghanistan).

 Six helicopters is half a squadron! And in Syria, the Mi-24P fell from old age and killed two pilots, the third miraculously survived!

 It has already been written and written about the bad reputation of the Mi-28, which I don’t want to repeat. But news reports continue to delight the reader:

“MOSCOW, February 3 - RIA Novosti. The Russian Defense Ministry expects to receive 2027 modern helicopters by 423, including 96 Mi-28NM attack helicopters, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko.

Parade formation from the number of "423 modern helicopters" with the leading Mi-26 slowly follow from the Stone Age!

But the most "modern" of all modern "Mi" is, of course, the Mi-24LL, which in the "language" of the most important "effective" manager has reached a speed of 400 km / h. And we'll turn on our brains and estimate: right?

The speed record for the Mi-24 = 368k / h, set in 1978. And not just a record, but "an absolute world speed record for helicopters - 368,4 km / h."

The Mi-24LL has been lightened by one cabin and has become a little more streamlined, so its speed record may increase to 375 -380 km / h and no more !!! But you need to understand that this is just a record and not even the maximum speed, so there can be no talk of 400 km / h for a serial helicopter of the classical scheme! Moreover, in the serial version he will definitely return the second cabin and full combat load, then he will again crawl across the sky at a speed of 260 km / h. instead of fake 400 km / h. Let me remind you that it was the Milians who forced S.V. Mikheev to thoroughly modernize the Ka-50, making it a 2-seater Ka-52.

But hefty "effective" managers again entrusted the Milians with the development of the future high-speed PMB:

“The Mil design bureau will make a promising combat helicopter for the Aerospace Forces. While we are talking about a car capable of speeds of 400 kilometers per hour, "- said the source, reports RIA Novosti.

I doubt very much that the Ministry of Defense was “FOR”, but I have no doubt that this project is also a PMB with a tail rotor. - another fraud, the same as the "high-speed" Mi-X1, as the "Rachel project" with a cruising speed of "360" km / h; here is the Mi-24LL with the promised speed in June 2019 = 450 km / h. But in fact, the Mi-24: as it is, the Mi-24, it will remain so in a year, and in two and in 10 years, because after the outstanding M.L. A mile for a mediocre gene. holding designer NS Pavlenko better than the Mi-24 no PBV, even if he really wants!

In turn, the project of a real high-speed combat helicopter from the Kamov Design Bureau will gather dust on the shelves under the strict control of "effective" managers.

“Meanwhile, in the United States, tests of high-speed S-97 Raider helicopters and a high-speed multi-purpose helicopter SB 1 Defiant are already coming to an end.

The new US helicopter was able to reach speeds of almost 460 km per hour. It will be equipped with a flight control system that will provide more reliable and safe low-altitude operations ”(The American promising helicopter has reached ...

The exterior is copied from our Ka-92, but their helicopter is already completing tests, and our Ka-92 and Ka-102 are still under the shelter! We must assume that with the permission of the President - the guarantor of progress?

Vitaly Belyaev, specially for

Alexander. And here you have a joint. The roll may not be measured in degrees per second, but a roll rate of 100 deg / s does not oblige the helicopter to roll more than 90 degrees. It's just speed. The helicopter can roll up to 5 degrees at a speed of 100 degrees / sec .... No matter how a specialist does not know this ...

We have several different car factories at the same time, several aircraft factories, several factories for railway equipment. Why can't only 2 helicopter design bureaus exist spontaneously? I like the spacecraft helicopters more. But Mi are certainly in demand. Is this whole battle only for the state order?

As long as we are proudly proud of the innovations in helicopter construction, and in fact fly on MI-8, the whole world is already far ahead. Recently I watched the amersky TV series "Spetsnaz". there, as routine, they show the use of rotary-wing aircraft with a changeable thrust vector in operations (during takeoff and landing, a helicopter, in flight, like an airplane) Beauty! And most importantly, it is everywhere, and not at an exhibition or in projects, as we do. It is clear that we should not measure against the US helicopters, where they are like mud. It is necessary at least to cover the need for the effective use of helicopters on the scale of the USSR.

Honestly, having large specialists in the creation of modern aviation, it is a shame to hear about the problems of increasing the speed of helicopters, since it is already clear to the ignorant that the Kamov aircraft are more suitable for solving this problem. Why did a senior government official pull back?

If Mil and Kamov were alive, they would have shot themselves from all this mess. It smacks of selling the interests of the Motherland.

Why does it smell? Smells like chemical ammunition. Of course, someday they will look for the extreme ones and will undoubtedly find them, but that will hopelessly lag behind, that's for sure. Lost lives of helicopter pilots in the form of effective managers will not be counted. And they will, spitting blood and sweating, catch up with Americans, Europeans and others, denying everything - not to themselves, but to citizens - for reasons of national security, so to speak.

Here I completely agree with you! Having vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and not having a helicopter with an additional engine for high-speed movement is a shame. And we think about the moon.

The low speed of helicopters is their "generic" problem. what is stubbornly not mentioned in this article.
The trouble is that one and the same blade periodically becomes "escaping" in relation to the oncoming air flow, then, on the contrary, "catching up", already having a near-sonic speed in relation to the oncoming air
These oppositely changing aerodynamic loads on the propeller blades when the helicopter reaches speeds over 400 km / h become too great at the tips of the blades. And the screw does not withstand the strength characteristics.
The author of the article modestly kept silent about this. It's not about the circuit - a single screw. or twin screw. Here you can "get out" from aerodynamics yet. well, 30-40 km per hour, which does not solve the problems. For ground anti-aircraft installations +/- 30 -70 km per hour is not a problem at all. believe me

I believe that it is high time to create helicopters for the army without blades for movement, at speeds up to 900 km / h and with fans for parking in the air, takeoff and landing. Of the simple ones, the better ones are American ones, who licked their decision off the Kamovs.

Actually, open-wing aircraft like helicopters have reached their limit. The future belongs to the closed wing of the aircraft, then it will be possible to combine vertical landing and aircraft speed, and it will be safer to land in the city.

The helicopter does not need airspeed! He needs good maneuverability and thrust-to-weight ratio. Getting involved in a race for speed is a deliberately thrown money down the drain! The higher the speed of the helicopter, the worse its controllability, and aerodynamics has not been canceled yet. On a single-rotor scheme, the maximum speed is limited by the stall mode, and in a twin-rotor scheme, this is fraught with overlap of the blades. You cannot increase the blade thrust stroke indefinitely!)

It is true that there should be a measure in everything: modern helicopters should have it. = 360-380 km / h, and for high-speed ones - more than 400 km / h.
Crawl at 230-260 km / h of the past. today it is unacceptable and economically unprofitable in the national economy and suicidal in war!

The author at least understands the word liberal, we always have someone in the way, now under Putin, what prevents the construction of the fastest helicopter, but for some reason there are no planes or helicopters, probably again the liberals are interfering?

Start with education ... school, not to mention the "tower" ... A hot example - IL 112 ... I'm not talking about the engine, I'm talking about the weight. And so in EVERYTHING!

"what prevents to build the fastest helicopter."
Not only do we have no fast helicopters, but also the Kamov Design Bureau itself! And there are NO guilty ones, or "someone is interfering"?
And Roman knows exactly why there are no fast helicopters, but he does not speak!

We read “MVZ im. M.L. Mile 28.10.86/1788/1986 No. 1993. ... S.A. Kolupaev is lying, ... ". Then with skepticism, because in XNUMX there were still comrades, not gentlemen. The gentlemen began to be called after XNUMX. And it's funny, yesterday they called him a friend, but today they called him - a slave?

They began to call something after 93, and he was already a master then.


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