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Mysterious possibilities of our body

Mysterious possibilities of our body, mysterious Russian soul, the mystery of professionals.


All of the above mixed in my soul after this trip. I urgently needed to get to Chelyabinsk. I had to get there from the air harbor of the city of Mineralnye Vody. My flight flew to Chelyabinsk late at night. The weather was bad, and when I arrived at the airport, I immediately realized that my business was bad: the airport was bathed in a quiet fog. In a nasty mood, I entered the airport building and immediately encountered a cheerful joyous company that was moving towards the restaurant. Mysterious Russian soul! The company was happy that their flight was delayed, and they decided to celebrate this unpleasant event for a normal person. Truly, the Russian is good, the German is death.

With the unknown possibilities of his body I once encountered in the mountains. It was like this. I went down the path that meandered in the thick grass, the river and suddenly, standing on the left leg, I saw that right is now step on a snake that crawled path. I still do not know how, but I jumped back to the back of the left leg, up the hill and seventy centimeters! In the normal state, I was not able to repeat this once. Try it, you can succeed.


So. It was all the way in the song Vysotsky: "Again, give a delay of up to eight citizens peacefully fall asleep." But the first night I did not sleep. I am reading a book, chatting with other passengers, smoking. But the next night I was ready to sleep anywhere, but there was no place to sleep. Third day airplanes did not fly. At the airport, of - the influx of passengers was packed. In the morning before I izmayalsya that everything - still lay down and fell asleep. Guess where? I lay down and slept for three hours on a railing staircase width ten centimeters. As I fell in between the stairs while you sleep, I still do not know. And no one does not believe it. I would not believe it myself. So I found another opportunity of the unknown organism. But this did not end my adventures.

 From Chelyabinsk I returned home by plane too. The beginning was wonderful: the weather was flying, and we took off on time. We fly up to Minvod. We are starting to land. I already perfectly see the airport building, and suddenly the plane soars up again and they announce to us that we are flying to another airfield because of the bad weather in Minvody. I saw that in Minvody the weather was good, I was supposed to be indignant, and I was delighted. Oh, the mysterious Russian soul! But there was no mystery. The nearest decent airport is my hometown of Nalchik. And from the airport to my house just ten minutes walk. But my joy did not last long, because after a few minutes they said that we were going to Grozny. But on the other hand in Grozny I have never been, and now there is an occasional opportunity to meet him.

I calmed down, but it turns out to be in vain. Flew to Grozny. Began to decline. The porthole can not see any DIG. Suddenly, on the right side there was an explosion. Then, on the left side is also a blast. We are terrified. But we feel that our plane is already running on the ground. Thank God! It appears from the cockpit crew. In the twilight illumination interior face of the first pilot's white as a sheet. Who - the passenger starts complaining. The first pilot yells at him. Filed ladder. We get off the plane and we understand why the pilot was so pale. In Grozny airport blizzard. Such a storm that did not see the snow flying parallel to the ground. All are silent and soul thank the crew. Only now it became apparent their amazing professionalism.


                                                                          Alexei Gromov

Very nervous work to be a pilot of the aircraft) And the possibility of the body are known only in the unexpected and stressful situations. You never know whether you're able to deal with any surprise, so good, when there are professionals who can cope with emergencies.